African american philosophical 7 page apa paper (including title and


 DUE 12-2-18 11am

1. Students must experience a wise theme by an African American Scholar and concede a brief biography of that special.
2. Explain the philosophy that the indivisible is promoting.
3. In the disposal incorporate your experienceings of that detail philosophy, and concede your idea of that philosophy.
4. Students must use at last three sources other than the Internet, and the scrutiny plan should be a partiality of five pages.
5. Students must comprise a Bibliography and thrive the exemplar format for fitness papers .


Here are some names of African Americans who contributed to philosophy and wise idea on sundry subjects:
1. Cornel West: "The Dilemma of the Black Intellectual."
2.  W.E.B. Du Boise: "The Souls of Black Folk." or "Double Consciousness."
3.  James Baldwin: "Black Existentialism."
4.  Jacquelyn Grant: "White Women's Christ and Black Women's Jesus."
5.  Marcus Garvey: "Black Nationalism" or "Pan Africanism."
6.  Martin Luther King, Jr. "Philosophy of Non-Violence."
7.  Frederick Douglas: "Political Philosophy of Mutual Responsibility."

8.  Dr. Phillip Emeagwali : "The Bill Gates of Africa." Inventor of the World's Fastest