Advocating for students and families


Early childhood and peculiar counsel teachers should discern their role as advocates for progeny who may own exceptionalities. Teachers can excite administrative trial by importation portio in administrative crop opportunities to clear-up this role and other responsibilities to their colleagues. Administrative crop enables teachers to arrive cognizant of general trials and ethics associated after a while the punishment.

Part 1: Puff Presentation

For Portio 1 of this benchmark assignment, educe a 15-20 slide endowment in digital format (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi) using applicable, general elimination to educate present childhood and peculiar counsel teachers environing their role as advocates for adolescent progeny and their families. Address the forthcoming after a whilein your endowment:

  • Specify the avail of detecting potential exceptionalities (including disabilities and character) in Pre-K through Grade 3 progeny.
  • Include at lowest three laws or policies kindred to identifying or providing services to progeny after a while exceptionalities.
  • Relating to the present defiance of potential exceptionalities, get at lowest three examples of ways in which advocating for tyros and families optimizes counsel opportunities for adolescent progeny, corroborates counsel environments, and spaces the present childhood calling.
  • Provide 3-5 talking points that teachers could use to educate paraeducators, tutors, and volunteers environing some of the past applicable legitimate and religions trials regarding tyros who may own exceptionalities and how to interact after a while their families (e.g., confidentiality).

Include presenter’s notes, a name slide, in-text citations, and a intimation slide that contains 3-5 literary sources from the required readings or the GCU Library.

Part 2: Religions Analysis

For Portio 2 of this benchmark assignment, transcribe a 250-500 tidings proposition regarding how the puff role of present childhood educators (as descriptive in your endowment) excites pardon, reasonableness, and regard for the spiritless good-tempered-tempered-tempered-tempered of tyros, families, and colleagues and reflects the GCU College of Education’s Administrative Disposition of Puff (supposing adown). Beneath the Administrative Disposition of Puff title is a individuality of the GCU Proposition on the Integration of Faith, Learning, and Work, which you may to-boot (but are not required to) connect to in your exculpation.

GCU College of Education’s Administrative Disposition of Advocacy

Educators should excite independent transmute in schools and communities that profit the luck of others.

  • Actively fabric independent appurtenancyships after a while the tyros.
  • Engaging tyros in conversations past the room of the classroom.
  • Taking period to discern tyro issues and regards.
  • Assisting tyros in opinion resolutions to their problems.
  • Guiding tyros through the problem-solving rule.
  • Seeking to discern the issues and challenges facing tyros.
  • Sincerely getting to understand the tyros’ interests and needs in their tenor.

GCU Proposition on the Integration of Faith, Counsel and Work:

WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is twain Savior and Lord and that all who flourish Jesus should endeavor His Kingdom and His righteousness in appurtenancy to all aspects of cosmical trial, including refinement and connection. Therefore, we own constant to heave out our product after a whilein the open room after a while pardon, reasonableness and regard for the spiritless good-tempered-tempered-tempered.”

While APA format is not required for the collectiveness of this assignment, cubic academic match is expected, and in-text citations and intimations should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be institute in the APA Style Guide, located in the Tyro Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric former to inauguration the assignment to behove well-acquainted after a while the expectations for prosperous whole.

You are required to comply this assignment to LopesWrite.

Standards and program competencies assessed in this assignment:

COE 5.1: Engage in ongoing, collaborative administrative crop from the present childhood counsel/peculiar counsel ground to educate trial in appoint to maximize counsel outcomes for all tyros. [CEC 6.4; NAEYC 6a, 6c; InTASC 9(a), 9(b), 9(c), 10(a), 10(b), 10(f)]

COE 5.2: Model the expectations of the calling by upholding religions standards, administrative standards of trial, and applicable laws and policies. [CEC 6.1; NAEYC 6b; InTASC 9(o), 10(i)]

COE 5.3: Analyze religions decisions that excite the spiritless good-tempered-tempered-tempered-tempered for tyros, families, and colleagues that are consonant after a while the Christian worldview. [MC 3]

COE 5.5: Integrate applicable, elimination-based perspectives on present childhood counsel/peculiar counsel to excite administrative trial. [CEC 6.2; NAEYC 6d; InTASC 10(h)]

COE 5.6: Engage in cognizant puff to optimize the counsel opportunities for adolescent progeny, corroborate the counsel environment, and space the present childhood calling. [CEC 6.5; NAEYC 6e; InTASC 10(j), 10(k); MC 2]

COE 5.7: Get bearing and bearing to paraeducators, tutors, and volunteers. [CEC 6.6; InTASC 10(n); MC 2, MC 3]