Abreiveated literature research paper on cyber bullying


 must be in APA conceiveat and citations.

Alternative Media Assignment & Evaluation Rubric 

Introduction to Individual Assignments For this individual, you conciliate ultimately adequate an Abbreviated Literature Review on a exoteric subject-matter or example in education or your separated race room using five skilled sources accessed through the WSSU O’Kelly Library. Your Abbreviated Literature Review conciliate be documented and cited aftercited the American Psychological Association (APA) conceiveat for pamphlets and conciliate be presented in the conceive of a website.  In provision for your abbreviated Literature Review, you conciliate adequate a Literature Review Counsel Template which you conciliate use to muster the counsel you conciliate use in your Abbreviated Literature Review.  Your Abbreviated Literature Review conciliate be presented in the conceive of a website or a pamphlet and a delivery.  Your delivery should be three to six minutes desire.

You conciliate adequate multiple assignments during this individual.  Each assignment has its own due epoch.  Refer to the schedule of due epochs for each assignment operation as polite as at the end of these directions.

A Literature Review is a synthesized essay discussing exploration others keep conducted in manage to reveal one’s profoundness of notice on a local subject-matter.  Your assignment is an Abbreviated Study Review accordingly you conciliate not debilitate the study on your subject-matter.  You conciliate haul your counsel from solely five sources published in the definite five years and accessed through the O'Kelly Library databases.