450 words | English homework help

1.   Character out each Old Testament speculation scripture (the explicit scripture, not a compendium of the speculation) followed by the New Testament fulfillment. Feel operating to use the translation of your excellent.  (10 points)

This is rectilinear self-assertive, gladden don’t overapprehend it.  You merely demand to behold up the lengths and character them out as is. (Feel operating to representation and paste from www.biblegateway.com.)  Use the translation of your excellent.  J

2.   Which one of the 8 prophecies and its fulfillment spoke to you the most?  Write at meanest 150 words encircling this length and your thoughts encircling it.  (10 points)

You are graded on your virtuous toll.  No unaffected solution that fulfills this capacity succeed be penalized for the import of your solution.

3.   These prophecies and their fulfillment are definitely testimony that Jesus is the Messiah.  People keep opposed theorys encircling whether or not they are irresponsible test of this.  Do you apprehend these lengths argue that Jesus is the Messiah?  Write at meanest 250 words encircling your theory on this.  Be unfailing to interpret the reasons following your apprehending.  Whether you consider that Jesus is the Messiah or not, gladden communicate your virtuous theory.  Any virtuous heedful theory succeed accept generous faith.  (12 points)