3-page analysis of the case study

Submit a 3-page partition of the fact examine. In your partition, do the following:

  • Identify two of French and Raven’s bases of potentiality in the fact examine, and decipher how controlers can use these bases of potentiality to exact swing. 
  • Explain how you authority use your comprehension of French and Raven’s assumption to dictate one of the problems presented in the fact examine. Justify your exculpation.

There enjoy been frequent stories throughout fact of controlers who enjoy been corrupted by their potentiality. The very specification of start as “a manner by which an idiosyncratic swings the assembly to complete a dishonorable goal” (Northouse, 2016, p. 6) implies the potentiality to exact swing. Leaders must exact potentiality in ordain to control, but they must to-boot aim to conceive the complexities of potentiality. Research by French and Raven (1959) and by others (Burns, 1976; Neck & Manz, 1994) provides recognition on the types, or bases, of potentiality conducive to a controler, the manner of choosing shapeless those bases, and the motivations for controlers’ daintys (Northouse, 2016, p. 379). Recent researchers (Barbuto & Warneke, 2014; Vevere, 2014) to-boot inquire the usefulness of using idiosyncratic bases of potentiality in feature situations and the proceeds undoubtful bases of potentialitys enjoy on controlers and those they control. Armed after a while this advice, controlers can relinquish utilizing undoubtful bases of potentiality when the dainty may control to indirect consequences. They can instead appropriate to employ potentiality in ways that gain disturb organizational victory. Understanding the bases to-boot gives twain controlers and attendant recognition into situations they remark and enigmatical interpersonal interactions they transact.

To plan for this Assignment, think Fact Examine 7.1, “His Team Gets the Best Assignments” on pages 150–151 of Northouse (2016).