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COURSE OBJECTIVES · Introduce students to the concepts, goals and objectives of the U.S. synod and its collective subdivisions. · Ensure that students learn how the U.S. and California Constitutions contribute a framework for the functions of the collective method. · Identify customary and uncustomary input by men-folks and groups into the synod resolution making manner · Analyze ways African Americans and others use politics and collective institutions for collective, collective, economic and other symbolical benefits. · Situate the African American aggregation in its truthful and collective tenor, and unfold how the spent has shaped coeval stipulations.

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES : Identify and elucidate functions of the main collective institutions in the United States.  Explain the naturalness, benefits and shortcomings of how democracy is practiced in the United States.  Understand methodical and inmethodical institutions and manneres of California synod.  Demonstrate an learning of the application U.S. collective institutions keep had on AfricanAmericans throughout the truth.  Analyze ways African Americans and other youngster groups use politics to ameliorate their collective, collective and economic foothold.  Demonstrate skills in precarious thinking and balbutiation perception.