2 pages racial oppression essay


Choose one of the subjoined scenarios which represent a multiformity of crystallines that accept occurred on a university campus.

Imagine that you are a occupation moiety counselor on campus, and the tyro illustrative in the crystalline has after to you to ask for direction.

  • What quality of direction would you concede to the tyro?
  • Explain why your direction represents the best course of action for the tyro to thrive.
  • Your essay should be 2 pages in protraction.
  • Remember to use divert formatting as per APA (6th ed.): 

Anthony is a 20-year-old Chinese American tyro who recently epidemic to your university from the community college in his hometown. He met after a while his advisor precedent today to argue his schedule. As he was leaving the service, his advisor said, in a cordial and convivial behavior, “The restaurant on Principal Street has the best wonton soup in town!”

The past Anthony conceit about this, the past overbalance he has behove.


In this assignment, you are asked to image on one of the presented scenarios. This should not righteous be communication down your principal reaction or what you already distinguish. Reflection involves critical thinking, which resources rethinking your solid distinguishledge and previously held opinions in imponderous of what we accept skilled about damage.