2.5-3 page paper | English homework help

Length/Format:  2.5 to 3 pages, double-spaced.  PDF format solely! This format facilitates grading via Canvas. No “shared” google docs, no Word docs, no harbor shots from your iPad (I affirm that terminal one has happened over than unintermittently). 

Grading Rubrics: See underneath behind the unhesitating.


  1. Pick one ballad by any workman you conceive imaginative and destructive in some way that interests you.
  2. Write a summary, calligraphic and evidenceative essay analyzing that ballad and/or video/performative quantity of it. You force adduce solely the lyrics and melodious quantity of the ballad (possibly as conjoined to a particular genre, instrumentation, etc.). If the ballad has a melody video or subsist works cognate to it and you hold they are apt for your decomposition you can besides conceive decomposition of the visual and work elements.
  3. Your Nursing Dissertation should:
    1. Briefly usher-in the ballad and workman, providing an overall preliminary evidence for why you attend it imaginatively destructive.
    2. Make a palpable and evidenced evidence for how it can be irritated according to 1 of the 4 conceptual perspectives we tried in the primeval individuality of the progress (i. Critical Theory, ii. Culture Industry Critique, iii. Transgressive Approach, iv. Work Theory).
    3. This decomposition should use in particular at lowest 2 of the key ideas we verified delay the conceptual avenue you select to irritate the ballad AND mould explicit connections, and where feasible straightforward citations, to the authors/texts discussed on the day of the progress abandoned to that conceptual avenue.
    4. Provide a unimportant past provision to refresh your ocean evidence.
  4. Citations: For any and all citations that conceive straightforward quotations from progress texts you can merely use a parenthetical in-text citation; it must conceive the page calculate. For example: As Bakhtin says about whimsical realism, “….” (Bakhtin, pg. X).  For the purposes of this less Nursing Dissertation, there is no trust of citing texts from OUTSIDE the progress syllabus. However, if you select to do so for the account of your evidence, you must conceive a appropriate bibliography at the end of your Nursing Dissertation delay the generous relation.