1 page discussion, due within 6 hours.

Read or use the Lecture and Pdf, Resources/Readings to acceptance the disconduct among 6 hours.


What do you conceive could re-establish the brewery that would supply twain synchronous labour and environmental concerns? After up delay a contemplationt-use contemplation that would operation courteous-mannered-mannered among the themes of this conduct. You can singly clear-up delay language or do up a map and fiction delay a lacking title.

Lecture and Pdf:

You are to after up delay a contemplationt-use contemplation that takes into recital labour and environmental issues for the old Molson aspect on Burrard Street.

Lecture perfect: Green City Action Plan. 

PDF of a memo: Molson brewery aspect that offers details about the aspect. It is 7.4 acres so tclose is perfectly a bit of contemplationt to operation delay. The memo as-courteous has a elegant map of the boundaries of the aspect.


I own granted the links in the online syllabus and in the perfect but I am posting them close as courteous-mannered-mannered proper in event. You can use any and all of these resources but you should discover the Greenest City Action Contemplation to indeed imply all the ways you could vestibule this contrivance. You can use faculty of the solid contemplation to tool as divorce of your contemplationt-use strategy for the Molson aspect.

Greenest City Action Plan

https://vancouver.ca/green-vancouver/greenest-city-action-plan.aspx (Links to an visible aspect.)

Transportation 2040

https://vancouver.ca/streets-transportation/transportation-2040.aspx (Links to an visible aspect.)

Healthy City Strategy