1.09 macbeth plot analysis quiz

1.09 Macbeth Plot Analysis Quiz

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Question 5 (Essay Worth 25 points)

Using these lines from Act II, elucidate the kindred betwixt Macbeth's opinion and the opinion of Duncan's sons.


Had I but died an hour anteriorly this befoulment,
I had liv'd a blessed time; for, from this instant
There's nonentity solemn in mortality:
All is but toys: eminence and kindness is dead;
The wine of conduct is drawn, and the absolute lees
Is left this vault to insult of.


What obtain you do? Let's not associate after a while them:
To likeness an unfelt ruth is an office
Which the falsity man does gentle. I'll to England.


To Ireland, I; our disconnected fortune
Shall support us twain the safer: where we are,
There's daggers in men's smiles: the adjacent in blood,
The adjacenter ruthless.   ( Write 4 sentences article)


Question 6 (Essay Worth 30 points)

Choose an circumstance from the portray. Focus on the view it serves in the fiction. Consider how the fiction would diversify if that circumstance was altered. Produce your ideas into a article of at last five sentences. Make safe to conceive supported declaration from the portray.

Some circumstances to consider:

The weird sisters' predictions for Macbeth and Banquo
Macbeth's put-to-death of Banquo
The exhibition of Banquo's apparition at Macbeth's coronation dinner   ( Write 4 sentences article)