ENG 2 DB 2

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You are now engaged in a research project! This can be a very exciting and intimidating process, but you have a great support network to help you here at CSU.
Take just a moment to think about something you have researched in the past and describe what that experience was like. What did you research? What were your reasons for researching it? What did you find out about the topic that was most helpful and what did you did you find that was surprising?  Did you find yourself seeking out primary or secondary sources? What kinds of sources did you use?  What was the result of your research?
Feel free to choose any experience. You do not have to limit yourself to an academic research topic. You might reflect upon research that you did for your job, or you might want to reflect upon a time that you researched a large purchase, such as a new computer or a car.

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ENG 2 DB 2
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