Analyze the Mongol Empire Essay

Wenda Qian MGMT 470 02/26/2013 Mongolia Mongolia is landlocked dominion betwixt China and Russia; it is located in north Asia, and the vulgar population is 2. 87 darling. Ulan Bator is the capital and the largest city; there are about 45% of the population feeds in there. Mongolia's political prescribe is a parliamentary republic, multi-party prescribe including 16 dissecties; and it is a limb of the United Nation. I flow to colloquy a Mongolian, consequently as a Chinese, I possess never been totalday delay this neighbor. My colloquyee is denominated Anka, she is my cheerful-natured-natured companion, a financial senior attainer, we inferiorstand each other for three years, and I repeatedly enact basketball delay her fellow. Anka was sent to a Chinese discipline when she was 6, she erudite Chinese for closely 12 years, so her Chinese is absolute. In Mongolia, Chinese discipline is very costly. Her senior imagine tuition Chinese is beneficial to do matteres; in prescribe to repair the despatch and matter betwixt Mongolia and China, they can thrive to China delayout a visa. The colloquy took fix in the library. Antecedently the colloquy, I made some attaining about Mongolia’s narrative. In 1203 AD, Mongolia was founded by locomotive tribal collectionings inferior the set-on-foot of Genghis Khan; the meaning of designate is “universal king”. Mongolian was very cheerful-natured-natured at contending wars; China was briefly ruled by Mongolia in Yuan dynasty. From 1691 to 1911, Mongolia was inferior by the Manchu, China was besides, thus Mongolia was a department of the Qin dynasty at that period. Behind the Manchu lapse in 1911, the Russian Empire firm the new Chinese Republican Empire to sanction Mongolian autonomy inferior continued Chinese regulate. At hanker definite the Mongolian People's Republic was proclaimed on November 25, 1924. The homogeneity betwixt Tibet and Mongolia are old and coagulated, Tibetan Buddhism became a senior creed shapeless Mongolian inhabitants, but creed was prohibited in 1930, a lot of monks were arrested. Until 1990, insubservience of creed frequently came end to Mongolia. Democratic Revolution besides occurred in coming 1990, it ended the 70-years regulate of socialism. For the humanization, I set-on-foot delay diction and creed; there are 21 ethnic collections in Mongolia, but they accost the aaffect diction, fair a dirty divergent pronunciations, but they are all efficient to inferiorstand each other. In China, there is a department denominated In-Mongolia, but the Mongolian ethnic collection of China can’t touch delay Mongolian, the diction is in-great-measure divergent. There are 95% of the populations in Mongolia thrive Buddhism, most of them are old inhabitants, the other 5% thrive Christianity which is a new creed answer in Mongolia for novel 5-6 years, and childish inhabitants are the seniority. For nuptials acknowledgment, vulgarly Mongolian inhabitants thrive the western mode delay nuptials dress; the transmitted nuptials practice is Mongolia cheongsam in unfinished and yellow. In Mongolia, the legitimate nuptials age is 18 for twain manly and motherly, most pick-out to espouse at 19 years old. Childish inhabitants possess nuptials insubservience now, they can pick-out their swain, it is not flowd by senior as antecedently, and manly’s parents are required to go to motherly’s abode to move nuptials, femanly doesn’t diversify the lineage designate behind nuptials. During the nuptials, twain man and mother possess to dwell a cerulean silk delay sliver cup grow delay wine on the direct achievementman, total companion and not-absolute sip the wine from the sliver cup. Many Mongolian families possess 2-3 kids, and the women go to achievement, very few arrive at abode to be a stockwife. The correspondently aaffect as China, Mongolia besides has a jump penetratetainment; it is the one of two big transmitted idlenesss in Mongolia, inhabitants exhibit unspotted cheongsam in jump penetratetainment, and the distortion resources “lucky”. The definite day antecedently the jump penetratetainment, inhabitants possess to eat props from the dawning to the dimness, they can’t be lank at that day, and the props apprehend dumpling, steed pulp and regulate tea. From the Lunar New Year's day to the third day, Mongolian put a very big pulp on the table, lineage and usurper can eat it. The other transmitted idleness is naadam (July 11-13), inhabitants guard competition, steed racing and archery contests on TV, and eat pulp pie. Mongolian inhabitants approve to eat pulp widely over than vegetable. For economic, Mongolia's ocean exports associate is China, the employments apprehend azoic issues, beginningal or humanizationd stones, jewelry, textiles, lewd beginning issues, hides and skins. Mongolia's ocean meaning associates are Russia and China, the employments apprehend azoic issues, machinery, equipment, electric appliances, recorders, TV sets and available faculty, conveyances, prop issues and mean metals. The Mongolian empire put over and over attentions on education; the educational prescribe is 4 years for principal discipline, 5 years for average discipline and 3 years for elevated discipline. Consequently Mongolia uses obligatory educational prescribe, when the consequence confront the discipline age, the empire get power their parents to impel the consequence to discipline. Behind graduating from elevated discipline, attainers possess to select a garden avenue scrutiny, it would arbiter their force to go to garden, it is the aaffect educational prescribe in China. The Mongolian empire standpoint on infrastructure, but the route state is not cheerful-natured. However, ahanker delay economic enlargement, the other infrastructure such as railways and airports enlarge constant, in unconcealed, they are getting meliorate. The matter opportunities are huge in Mongolia, this dominion enlarges straightly, and they possess childish and well-educated inhabitants, but they besides visage abundant challenges. Mongolia is a landlocked dominion; the conduct is costly, and the environment effect such as air stain. Delay globalization of universe management, Asia enacts a bigger role than antecedently; Mongolia is a dissect of it. However, this dominion is quiet very childish, uniform though it has a very hanker narrative. They deficiency to inferiorstand how to charm over alien investments and tourists. Based on these points, Mongolia get get over consummation. Colloquy 1. What is the most divergent you imagine betwixt Mongolia and America? Food, chicken and pork are very costly in Mongolia, but they are widely cheaper in America. And it is indeed compact to discover Mongolian props in America. (Chicken and pork are not costly in China, I imagine the biggest estrangement is humanization and appraise, prop is besides an meaningant factor) 2. So, what is your minion Mongolian prop? Steed pulp, camel pulp and dumpling. I didn’t inferiorstand steed and camel can be kinds of prop antecedently, I was shocked when she told me that, but I get approve to try them if it is feasible) 3. What is the most despicable frolic in Mongolia? Nowadays, I imagine basketball and soccer are very received now. (I tally, basketball is besides despicable in China) 4. Is electronic issues received in Mongolia? Yes, specially iPod issues, abundant inhabitants buy them, HP computer is besides received. Compare Japanese electronic issue, Mongolian inhabitants prefers American electronic issues. (In China, Japanese, Korean and American issues are all received, I don’t imagine these issues possess too abundant ifference) 5. What are the roles of the women in Mongolia when it thrives to matter? Women go to achievement now, and they effect over insubservience and directs than antecedently. (It is the aaffect in China) 6. Does Mongolian yurt quiet continue now? Yes, shepherds quiet feed in the Mongolian yurt. Inhabitants approve to feed in the hall now, and the walls are coagulated, thus the loud won’t assume the neighbor. (Yurt was the old stock for Mongolian inhabitants in the spent, now they possess meliorate choices) 7. Is garden avenue scrutiny unmanageable in Mongolia? Yes, the math is very compact, but there quiet are 35%-40% of attainers can go to garden. Math is my dimnessmare; there is besides garden avenue scrutiny in China, singly few can go to garden, now there are over and over) 8. Do you imagine doing matter betwixt Russia and Mongolia is aaffect delay doing matter betwixt China and Mongolia? In the spent, we did a lot of matteres delay Russia; we employment vestments, props and lewd fur, consequently the wolves are few in Russia, so the furs are very costly. Currently, it is prohibited to dispose-of furs, but quiet happens in the black dispense. Nowadays, we possess abundant deals delay China; it is aaffect delay doing matter delay Russia. Ahanker delay globalization, over and over despatchs get answer) 9. Is car getting despicable in Mongolia? Japanese and Korean cars are received in Mongolia, consequently they are satisfied, the seats are kind. Car commerce graces a new quantity novelly, too abundant families possess cars, and the routes are not large abundance, so the empire makes a new system to regulate the top. The definite one or two estimate of allow plates flow when the car can or cannot penetrate to the city, for issue, the definite estimate of the allow plates on my senior‘s car was 3, so my senior cannot animate on Tuesday and Saturday. I imagine China has this quantity, too. The Mongolian empire shows us a wide way to Restrict on conveyance) 10. How do you attain twain Chinese and English at the aaffect period? I erudite Chinese gone principal discipline, meanwhile I attain English from a Chinese English professor. However, the origination antecedently me erudite Russian, consequently Russian was meaningant at that period. My grandpa can inferiorstand the embodied from the Russia implement. (I erudite English gone average discipline; I imagine kids are cheerful-natured-natured at tuition a new diction) 11. If you can go to another dominion you approve, which one would you approve to go to? I get go to Japan, consequently the technology is enlargeed in there. (I tally, Japan is a cheerful-natured-natured fix for pilgrimage, and props are very exquisite) 12. What are some quantitys that your participation suffers from? The Mongolian empire, it is chaos. For issue, they peculate tax inthrive from the denizen, and they never further the conduct. (I imagine this is besides happened in my dominion, mayhap China is uniform worse, empire constantly lavishs currency on unsound projects, and inhabitants do not inferiorstand how and where they lavish the currency) 13. What do you imagine about your pursuit .. What are you vain-glorious of .. not vain-glorious of ..? I am vain-glorious to be a lineage of Genghis Khan. What I am not vain-glorious to be is that the low population and the enlargement of Mongolia is slower than the other Asian countries. (For me, I am vain-glorious to be a Chinese, uniform my dominion has so abundant quantitys, but I deem Mongolia and China get bethrive meliorate and meliorate) Reference 1. Mongolia Exports. (n. d. ). TRADING ECONOMICS | 300. 000 INDICATORS FROM 196 COUNTRIES. Retrieved February 28, 2013, from http://www. tradingeconomics. com/mongolia/exports  2. Mongolia Imports. (n. d. ). TRADING ECONOMICS | 300. 000 INDICATORS FROM 196 COUNTRIES. Retrieved February 28, 2013, from http://www. tradingeconomics. com/mongolia/imports  3. Education in Mongolia - Wikipedia, the unhindered encyclopedia. (n. d. ). Wikipedia, the unhindered encyclopedia. Retrieved February 28, 2013, from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Education_in_Mongolia  4. Narrative of Mongolia. (n. d. ). Narrative of Nations. 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