Public company of electronic media

Company Company may be defined as a discretional partnership of identicals. It is an partnership of natures formed for some niggardly eager but principally it is a discretional partnership of identical. It has high discerptible into parts, disclosed as portions. At the selfselfselfsame prune it is an imaginary identical created by a proceeding of rule. It has a ageless series and a niggardly plug. It exists scarcely in sketch of rule ; is treasured by the rule as a identical, scarcely as a homo. On disjunction of a association becomes a fundamental texture oppidan or strengthening delay a ageless series and a niggardly plug. It too acquires a unity different from its members. Features Of A Company 1. Separate juridical entity 2. Scant obligation 3. Ageless series 4. Niggardly plug 5. Transferability of portions 6. Separate belongings 7. Capacity to action Electronic Media It is resources that uses electronics or electromechanical life for the final user ( auditory ) to entree the gratified. This is in contrariety to slothful resources ( principally print resources ) , which are most constantly created electronically, but do n't oblige electronics to be accessed by the final user in the printed signifier. Most new resources are in the signifier of digital resources. However, electronic resources may be in either analogous or digital format. Although the expression is normally associated delay gratified chronicled on a storage average, recordings are non exactd for unchronicled extensively average and on-line networking. Any equipment used in the electronic communicating proceeding ( e.g. telecasting, wireless, telephone, desktop computing record, sport comfort, hand-held expedient ) may too be considered electronic resources. Instrengthening Of Company Before a association is formed, indubitable preparatory determinations are requisite, for exemplification, whether it should be a privy association or a generally-notorious association, what its high should be, and whether it is worthoccasion organizing a new association or pickings balance the regret of an already ordinary regret. All these determinations are enthralled by indubitable identicals disclosed as “promoters” . They do the unmeasured requisite preparatory performance unimportant charge to the construction of the association. Public Ltd Company A Generally-notorious Scant Association is a Association scant by portions in which there is no constraint on the maximal type of stockholders, gait of portions and confidence of generally-notorious sedimentations. The obligation of each stockholder is scant to the distance of the unhired sum of the portions visage compute and the prize thereon in heed of the portions held by him. However, the obligation of a Director / Overseer of such a Association can at times be infinite. The minimal type of stockholders is 7. It has a minimal hired-up high of Rs 5 hundred thousand or such conspicuous hired up high, as may be prescribed. Every generally-notorious association, bing on the outset of the Companies ( Amendment ) Act, 2000, delay a hired-up high of less than Rs. 5, 00,000 shall, delayin a conclusion of two old ages from such outset, exalt its hired-up high to Rs.5,00,000. Get downing A New Generally-notorious Ltd Company Before stepping in the regret universe & A ; get downing up a new regret i.e. a new generally-notorious Ltd association, we must believe a designate of the association which co-relate the performance of the association and be comfortable grasped in the gathering of the community. As we are get downing a new generally-notorious Ltd Association of electronic resources i.e. Television & A ; computing record unfaithful association and the designate of the association to be registered succeed be Protechno resources ltd association. Name-Approval For The Deverified Company The mode for obtaining the designate donation for the deverified association is that an collision in Form No. 1A demands to be filed delay the Registrar of Companies ( ROC ) of the section in which the Registered Duty of the deverified Association is to be situated. The collision is exactd to be verified by one of the boosters. The after a occasionin notifications of the collision are as follows: 1. Four halt designates for the deverified association. ( The designate can be coined designates from the sights of the deverified association or the designates of the overseers, etc. but should decidedly be declarative of the pre-eminent sight of the association. Justification for the designate needs to be clear along delay the collision ) . 2. Designate callings and intimations of the boosters ( Minimal 7 for a generally-notorious association occasion 2 for privy association ) . 3. Authorized High of the deverified association. 4. Main sights of the deverified association. Documents Required To Be Performed For Incorporation Following are the disquisitionss exact for acquiring the certification of disjunction or registering the association delay registrar... ... ... .. MOA and AOA are exactd which is to be performed by the boosters in the influence of a impartant in saw their unmeasured designate, manful fabricator 's designate, residential intimation, affair, type of portions maintaind for, etc. 1. Form No. 1 - This is to be to be performed on a non-judicial character disquisition of INR 20 by overseers of the deverified association or by other identicals such as Advocates saw that all the demands of the disjunction entertain been complied delay. 2. Form No. 18 - This signifier contains inconstruction encircling the registered duty of the deverified association. 3. Form No. 29 - This is a acquiesce obtained from all the deverified overseers of the deverified association to stir as overseers of the deverified association. ( Not exactd in case of privy association ) . 4. Form No. 32 - This signifier shows the occurrence of advancement of the deverified overseers as the consultation of overseers. 5. Designate donation missive in peculiar. 6. Strength of Attorney verified by all the endorsers of MOA authorising one of the endorsers or any other identical to stir on their interest for the eager of disjunction and accepting the certification of disjunction. 7. Strength of Attorney in case of a endorser who has appointed another identical to maintain the MOA on his interest. Filing fees as may be appropriate. This Form Is Assiduous For Checking The Availability Of Name FORM 1A Application signifier for handiness or shifting of designate [ Pursuant to limb 20 and 21of the Companies Act, 1956 ] Note - All Fieldss noticeable in*are to be compulsorily assiduous. 1. *Application for integrating a new association altering the designate of an bing association Part A: Handiness of designate 2 ( a ) . *Name of petitioner Prankur Rastogi ( B ) *Occupation Businessman ( rate Celsius ) . *Address Line I Phagwara, Jalandhar Line II Punjab ( vitamin D ) . *City Jalandhar ( vitamin E ) . *State Punjab ( rate Fahrenheit ) . *Country India ( g ) . *Pin codification 144402 ( H ) . *e-mail prankurrastogi @ ( I ) . Phone 9569231524 ( J ) . Fax 09534267447782 3. Designate callings of boosters * ( I ) Designate of promoter……… Prankur Rastogi * ( two ) Designate of promoter………Pawan Rastogi * ( three ) Designate of promoter……..Rajesh Dubey 4. *Name of the section in which the deverified association is to be registered Punjab 5. *Name of the Registrar of Companies in which the deverified association is to be registered………….. Mr Y B Singh 6. *State whether the deverified association is generally-notorious or privy Public 7. * deverified designate of association ( at meanest 6 deverified designates ) a. Fanko electro ltd B. Rigs electro-resources ltd c. Protechno Resources Ltd Association d. Agnis electro ltd e. Jippo electro ltd f. Retro electro resources After reach unmeasureding the collision for handiness of designate ROC succeed advance the designate delayin three hebdomads of collision submission………….. The ROC succeed seem into for the handiness of designate and impart the identical who has assiduous the collision………… . Name Protechno Resources Ltd Association is helpful and is allotted. This is to be to be performed on a non-judicial character disquisition of INR 20 by overseers of the deverified association or by other identicals such as Advocates saw that all the demands of the disjunction entertain been complied delay. FORM NO. 1 Registration No Of Association -1090 Nominal Capital- : Rs. 2,00,00,000.00 THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Declaration of exemplification delay the demands of the Companies Act, 1956 on collision for enrollment of a association [ Pursuant to branching 33 ( 2 ) ] Name of Association Protechno Resources Limited/Private Limited Presented by Protechnicals group I Prankur Rastogi of Protechnicals Group do impressively and unfeignedly specify that I am [ 1 ] Promoter who is employed in the construction of the association, or a identical designated in the doctrines as a director/manager/secretary of the... ... ... ... Protechno Resources Limited/Private Limited. And that all the demands of the Companies Act, 1956, and the regulations at that situate below in heed of affairs antecedent to the enrollment of the said association and concomitant thereto entertain been complied delay. And do this impressive affirmation scrupulously polished the selfselfselfsame to be penny. This signifier contains inconstruction encircling the registered duty of the deverified association. FORM NO. 18 Registration No. of the Company1090 Nominal Capital: Rs2,50,00,000 THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Notice of the situation/change of specify of affairs of registered duty [ Pursuant to limb 146 ] Name of the association - Protechno Resources Ltd Company Notice is heredelay given that -- -- 1. ( a ) the registered duty of the association is situated in Jalandhar ( Punjab ) .delay conseries from [ day of the month ] 20.11.09 ( B ) The specify of affairs of the registered duty of the association of was transitional from to delay conseries from [ day of the month ] 2. Situation of registered duty falls below the juridical strength of Jalandhar ( designate of the executive position ) . * Dated this thirtieth Day of Nov 2009 Signature Prankur Rastogi Name PRANKUR RASTOGI ( In Block Capitals ) Appellation Chairman *State intimation of plug executive position delay country and tehsil. This is a acquiesce obtained from all the deverified overseers of the deverified association to stir as overseers of the deverified association. FORM NO 29 Registration No. of Company..1090... ... ... ... ... Nominal High Rs.2,50,00,000... ... ... THE COMPANIES ACT, 1956 Consent to stir as overseer of a association and/or set encirclinging to grasp and pay for making portions [ Pursuant to branching 264 ( 2 ) /266 ( I ) ( a ) and 266 ( 1 ) ( B ) ( three ) ] Name of association Protechno Resources Limited Presented by... . Protechnicals Group... ... ... ... . To the Registrar of Companies... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Jalandhar... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . I, the belowsigned, heredelay witness my acquiesce to stir as overseer of the... Protechno Resources Limited... Pursuant to branching 264 ( 2 ) /266 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the Companies Act, 1956 and witness that I entertain non been unable to stir as a overseer below branchings 267 and/or 274 of the Companies Act, 1956. I, the belowverified pursuit acquiesceed to stir as overseer of the.Protechno Resources Limited, too heredelay belowgrasp to grasp from the said association and wage for..5000... .. portions of Rs.20... ... Each, nature the number/compute of the portions prescribed as the making portions for the duty of overseer of the said association. Name and rise designate in unmeasured and manful fabricator 's names Address Occupation Date of extraction