The Youth Development Support Services Education Essay

Introduction This assignment focuses on the Nationality of Featherstone which lies neighboring the town of Pontefract and is situated amid the Wakefield District. As fraction of the early individual fruit aid uses I 'm plainly inaugurated on my inferior course at Featherstone Nationality Centre which offers a early individual nine use I so do outreach is-sue amid Featherstone 1 hr per hebdomad. Whilst inaugurated in Featherstone I entertain been garnering unamenable and reaching information gained an instinct of the narrative, population and environment that crude vulgar subsist in, recognizing the insists of crude vulgar and the generally-knownity subsistd in. The information collected conciliate be used to find-out a catalogue of is-sue to run into a specific insist of its occupants. The assignment conciliate so be used to ponder on my course and convocation my compensation insists in my character in the generally-knownity of Featherstone. History Featherstone pre-eminent narrative focuses environing the perseverance of coal hollow which can be traced end to the thirteenth date ( 2009 ) 9.A Featherstone Main and Ackton Hall collieries that one date suppowhistle the town delay is-sue and was one date forcible on the subsists of its occupants, secretive subjoined the mineworkers ' is-sue relapse of the 1984/85. ( 2009 ) 8.A Population The ( Generally-known Statistics 2006 ) 17 kingdom there is a population of `` 14,179 '' of which there are `` 6,779 '' Males and 7,396, Females. 98.31 % of the cultural population is White British compared to 86.99 % uk ( Generally-known Statistics 2004 ) .16, 80.64 % of Peoples kingdom their belief as Christian, 71.74 % England, underneathneath 1 % other beliefs, balance 6 % in uk 9.71 % No belief, 14.59 % in England ( Generally-known statistics 2004 ) 18 This resources plenteous of the population has a deficiency of divers civilizations, cultural and holy groups. This could follow in racial portioiality through deficiency of instinct and information. The environment could knowledge estranging, uninviting, perchance scaring to other cultural or holy groups whistle. The population of Featherstone congruous to ( WMDC, n.d ) 5 is worsening delay a autumn in the crude vulgar population whilst a lifting in the illustration of pensionaries. This could be down to new offspringholds non settling in the tract and down to the big population that is-sueed in the mines in the up to the 80s ; this semblances an analysis in the insist for time for seniors. Politics Featherstone guard is fraction of the Hemsworth vicar of which labour soldierly policeman John Trickett is the elective symbolical. ( Jon Trickett MP 2009 ) 7. The Featherstone guard congruous to Guy, P ( individualal communicating 30th December 2009 ) allude-tos has been controlled balanceall by the defiant policy for 6 old ages, this was precedently shared by the strive policy to which precedently had controlled the guard for decennaries. At exhibit the elective components are policy synod component Roy Bickerton Mayor, Councillor Kay Binnersley and Councillor Pauline Guy. Politicss and generally-knownity agreement and how it pretends them, were discussed delay some of the crude vulgar during degage is-sue. ( See brooding entering ) 1 Housing Wakefield gov ( n.d ) 5 kingdoms Home tenure in Featherstone is inferior than the kingdom and U.K ; In occurrence ( Generally-known statistics 2004 ) 6 mould-knowns 25.44 % ain their settle absolute, 36.07 % delay a mortgage or mortgage compared to 29.19 % and 38.88 % in England. This is in comparing delay 30.44 % that are socially rented compared delay 13.21 % in England. Whilst settle tenure and mortgages non excessively unenjoy to generally-known illustrations, when you investigate offspring monetary treasures in Featherstone are amiable-tempered-tempered beneath generally-known laws. ?72,930 compared delay ?141,108 England. ( Neighbourhood Statistics 2003 ) 4. This is a vast discord and resources that occupants of Featherstone ain appertainings that is of low treasure, tract subsistd in i.e. produce reinstatement set and sign of offspring. And delay a big insist for societal hall insist could be due to low compensated is-sue, unemployment, impaired wellness or ageing population. The ( Generally-known Statistics 2004 ) 3 allude-to Out of hall store of 5,913 homes, there are further terraced offsprings, 37.50 % compared to 24.48 % England, Than any other sign of brooding in the tract, and in comparing to that of severed hall which is 17.72 % compared delay 22.51 % England. The ( generally-known statistics 2004 ) 1 so mould-known that Out of a whole population of, 14,054, 5,272 subsist in these 37.50 % terraced offsprings. In comparing to 2,771 who subsist in degage offsprings. This resources that the bigness of crude vulgar turning up in Featherstone are further mitigated to populate in terraced hall which is smaller than severed settles ensuing in condition provisions that are near ample. When I walked environing the generally-knownity, in sumries of societal hall it was noticed how rundown the environment they subsistd in had grace, this further so in Verner property which the positions of occupants can be heard. See brooding entering 2. Education Harmonizing to ( Wakefield gov nd ) 10. The 2001 nose sum Allude-to Vulgar in Featherstone entertain molestation in their Educational information of which half of dwellers entertain no makings. The late ( Ofsted, 2009 ) 12 neglect con-balance of Featherstone lofty nurture semblanceed each range achieved balanceall sign of 2, ( amiable-tempered-tempered ) . But amid these subdivisions it loftylighted positive elements just achieved a sign of 3 ( exquisite ) these were- The Standards reached by scholars ; are beneath the generally-known law. Attendance of scholars, A insignificant per centum of pupils, easily boys entertain hapnear attitudes to compensation and are non accomplishing has amiable-tempered-tempered has other pupils. How amiable-tempered-tempered learners expand is-suesettle and other information that conciliate loan to their coming economic wellbeing. The con-balance recognised some individualal and societal fruit amid nurture was amiable-tempered How amiable-tempered-tempered does the nurture give to generally-knownity continuity? But `` pupils ' intelligence and instinct of cultural diversness in Britain are poor '' . The ( DFES, nd cited in generally-known statistics 2006 ) 13 kingdom that Information inferences in Featherstone lofty nurture 15 Year Olds Achieving 5+ A* - C GCSE are inferior than generally-known ranges in encircling all topics and there is a great circulate in boys 30.8 % compared to girls 41.0 % . This could application on the coming calling chances of some crude vulgar applicationing on the sign of is-sue they can mould from information and classs obtained, condition record into farther information ( especially university ) . Early Vulgar may betide it unamenable to tour to other sumries and cope for is-sue so conciliate be amass in Featherstone and its low economic environment. Delay boys achieving near in nurture, could go forth a gender circulate in trained calling and inference in low compensated is-sue. Employment/Unemployment Harmonizing to the ( Generally-known Statistics 2004 ) 20 there were 10,120 prime is-sueers in Featherstone of which 6,071 are economically erratic, 4,049 idle, of which 10.52 % are for amiable-tempered-tempered ill / disabled compared to 5.30 % England. This Numberss twice complete bit plenteous as the generally-known law and could be down to provisionstyle, deficiency, industrial hollow connected wellness issues. In occurrence congruous to Generally-known Statistics ( 2004 ) .11 allude-tos Out of a population of 14,175 there are 2,062 delay non amiable-tempered-tempered wellness and `` 22.16 % Peoples of inaugurated age delay a restricting long-run unwellness. '' 7.05 % of families are non in is-sue delay contingent kids compared to 4.83 % uk. All the balance illustrations loftylight the insist for societal hall, deficiency of the tract and the application on some crude vulgar appertaining to those offspringholds. ( Generally-known statistics 2004 ) 15. when appearing at the inaugurated population 16/ 74 Early Peoples AGED 16 - 24, 28.02 % are void to which is non excessively unenjoy to 25.69 % England compared to balance 50s who are 12.36 % Featherstone 18.63 % England. These statistics appear as though crude vulgar are on moderation twice further mitigated to be void as an grownup. And how for some crude vulgar, especially delay low educational information conciliate betide it unamenable to do a course from settle condition to anarchy nurture to is-sue. In an consultation delay some crude vulgar they periodical Reflective entering 3. The signs of Calling for Vulgar time-honored 16-74 in Featherstone ( Generally-known Statistics 2004 ) 14 is loftyest in: Wholesale & A ; Retail tenure ; Repair of motor vehicles 21.16 % and fallacious 19.59, these are loftyer than in England. But in tenures enjoy finance and solicitude calling in these subdivisions are inferior than in the remnant of England. This could be down to educational information of exoteric population, societal and economic weather and insist. When seeking to draw entree to tenures out of the tract, or entertain entree to other communities I appeared at datetables of coach and brawl uses to and from Featherstone and Exoteric Transport was illstarred, in footings of plain journeys to finishs out of the tract. ( Generally-known Statistics 2007 ) 19 allude-to 34.06 % of families do n't entertain a auto, 26.84 % in England which farther moulds it difficult and bounds agitation, societal apposition and tenure chances for occupants. Facilities The Chesney Nationality Centre Mcloughlin.M ( individualal despatch,3 December 2009 ) 22 allude-toed that Chesneys offers big information delay classs changing from I.T, Maths, and English to photography adornment, leting grownups to draw information, accreditation and to socialize delay others ) . This could second emend the subsists of offspringholds and opportunities of calling and its societal and economic wagess. When whistle that 47.59 % of 16-74 year olds entertain no makings ( generally-known statistics 2004 ) 21 Mcloughlin.M so allude-tos the Centre offers crude vulgar a early individual nine on a Monday and Wednesday ebon. And his cardinal to a severed early individual catalogue on a Friday ebon. Featherstone Sports Centre at Featherstone Technology College opens to the generally-knownity at positive dates and has a Sports Hall, an Aspire Suite, a floodlighted out-of-door Games Area and a Swimming Pool. ( Wakefield gov 2009 ) OAKHILL CHILDREN 'S CENTRE initiate Offers clarified parenting classs, wellness and offspringhold aid and order. This installation could signify that crude carers ' , parents and kids get a amiable-tempered-tempered initiate in condition. I walked environing the generally-knownity delay a co-worker and made a recording of its comfortss and environment and a reach for the generally-knownity subsistd in. I rest that the exoteric population had amiable-tempered-tempered comfortss for wellness and day-to-day condition but there was a separate in environmental occurrenceors, hall provisions and a societal integrating of some crude vulgar 's grounded on tract subsistd. See brooding entering 3 3. Needs in the Community Brooding entering 1, When talking delay crude vulgar environing generally-knownity issues they said they 'd `` felt insist '' and deficiencyed to mould star encircling gratifications that pretend them and their friends in their generally-knownity. Congruous to ( Bradshaw. J 1972 ) taxonomy of insist this is felt insist morose into an `` developed '' insist, to crave to transfer portio in gratification deviwhistle and to be listened to encircling the gratifications that pretend them and their generally-knownity. Brooding entering 2. Exploitation ( Bradshaw. J 1972 ) taxonomy of insist, When walking environing Verner I `` felt insist '' to strive occupants encircling the environment they subsistd and to semblance their positions on their insists. This was so morose into an `` developed insist '' , occupants insisting emend subsistence provisions. This can so be seen as a `` lawative insist '' a judgment grounded on my treasures and cognition that crude vulgar and their offspringholds should populate in emend provisions. So `` proportionately insist '' in harmony to environmental uses and generally-knownity patroling ordinary in comparing to condition in other sumries.