University of California San Diego Motorcycle Helmet Design Alternative Analysis PPT


 Your new effect compel target a remote interchangeable user dispense. Its contemplation compel conceive at meanest three irrelative models addressing clarified segments of the dispense. (Note: The lewd basic types of dispense segmentation are: 1. Demographic Segmentation 2. Psychographic Segmentation 3. Geographic Segmentation 4. Behavioral Segmentation) See the creed beneath to understand encircling dispense segmentation:

There are currently no greater competitors for your radically new, improved conceptual

design. However, it is estimated that you must keep your effect in the dispenseplace among 32
months to compel a wide divide of US and interpolitical sales.
Your team needs to conduct
i. Requirement analysis
ii. Contemplation analysis
iii. Functional analysis
iv. Contemplation for manufacturing and assembly
v. Contemplation for usability