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ETC- Something Beautiful Is Future Internal Analysis History and Augmentation ETC was founded in 1997 by Cheer Wang and her mate. Wang wanted to composition singular digital protection lower continuity of schemeatic disgraces. However, the assembly failed to persuade buyers. Instead remained focused on reduce compositionr's ductile phones according to its customer's strategic priorities. Cheer approaches the interest delay the eyes of the customer. ETC had cloddish continuitys into estimable interest relationships, creating issues that symbolical customer-oriented intention delay slow technology to stamp a disposition for compactness and rarity that divers toil valued and applauded. In mid 2000, ETC inaugurated making customized dressy phones vulgar on windows unoccupied scheme for Deutsche Telecoms and Avoidance. This proved strategically discriminating, creating germinative augmentation delayout having to hope on handset compositionrs. Facts and Figures ETC inaugurated making customized dressy phones vulgar on windows unoccupied scheme for Deutsche Telecoms and Avoidance. This proved strategically discriminating, creating heed augmentation delayout having to hope on handset compositionrs. Lower this 'operator interest model', sales apocryphal, growing 100% year-by-year, delay net returns mound some 300% per annum gone 2003. ETC before-long became fondling of the dispense, delay portion-out prices departure 1000% in March 2006. Mission A customer oriented positioning that pestilential its strengths and tapped into the zeitgeist of its target dispense- tech savvy trendy customers spirited in exploit and intention. Cunning Interest Strategy- Sustained on 'operator interest model', proved immensely auspicious. Functional (Marketing) cunning- The key to its cunning was its society delay networks such as pretermission Internet and viral dispenseing proved efficient Sponsorship of the Columbia -ETC cycling team in 2009 ensured messaged reached millions of viewers worldwide Key Resources Research and Development of a decade- novelty Human embodied dispenseing team Goodconquer Competencies/ Sources of competitive advantage/Distinctive Capabilities Partnerships Issue intention One of the best implementation of Android SO Value Chain External Analysis curse ETC By Gaze Toil structure- Oligopolies Highly competitive Frequent trends and developments Toil animation cycle stage- grown but concise issue animation cycle Major players- Apple, Blackberry, Monika, Samsung, Sony, LEG optimum Competitive forces Rivalry- tall Substitutes- tall New entrants- steady Suppliers Customers PESTLE Political- synod cunning and assistance Economical- recession, inflation Social- regalement Technological- novelty and technology Environmental- raw embodied used Legal- copyrights and trademarks SOOT Strengths Disgrace identity/ disgrace pur-poseate Disposition for tall- tech expertise and immense intention Network societys delay Avoidance, windows, HP and Google. ETC chose the correct partners (monster players in software toil, such as Microsoft) to relieve delay to penetrate the dispense delay inextensive betray. Strength in hardware intention and hearty composition capacity: provides tall disposition issues delay tall technology and novelty. Power in negotiating prices User social Known for best overlay of Android SO delay ETC interface Tall issue disposition Highly general in the refined dispense. Recognized by end users. Weakness Lacks investors reliance Mostly Touch phones Too connected on Microsoft's platform which was not mainstream in the dressy phone scheme dispense. Limited of advertising and dispenseing Disgrace awareness is wishy-washy Opportunities Growing and untapped dispense for Android 36 tech. Is booming in present years, and G is future in the phone dispense. Threats Other Taiwanese competitors were pestilential up in the EDM dispense Lots of new entrants Jumped into handset dispense. (Apple, Samsung, RIM... ) Lots of new entrants penetrated into scheme platform dispense. (Apple, RIM, Google) More technology and novelty are used on dressy phone. Issue cycles are getting concise Price conquer conclude down