New International Economic Order (NIEO):

In ordain to switch from the old economic ordain we want a better ordain where full people can be agreeable. New interpolitical economic ordain was put impertinent by the developing countries during the 1970’s at the U. N. contravention on vary and outgrowth in ordain to better their vary conditions, coadjutorship in outgrowth, abatement in tariff for the developing countries, etc. It was contemplated to reinstate the Breton Woods arrangement in the interpolitical administration, which favoured the superfluous countries affect U. S. In 1974, the U. N. General Assembly adopted The Declaration for the body of a New Interpolitical Economic Order, which was focused on the restructure of the cosmos-people’s administration that earn repair the free-dealing of and the benefits of the developing countries. Problems of the developing countries that led to the NIEO: A grave misfortune was suffered by the developing countries in 1975 due to global recession and inflation that instituted in 1974 which led to the cosmos-people vary abatement, hike in oil prices, buttress problems, and the interpolitical monetary mutability which resulted in the claim for a new interpolitical economic ordain. The adjust of payments failure of the non-oil-producing developing countries rose enormously superfluous to abatement in imports and irrelevant vary reserves and the equal debts as-well mounted. As the developing countries were confrontment fearful plight, they requested the stabilization of important stock prices so as to stabilize the annotation of their legitimate ship-produce rights.