You are a newly hired emergency manager for your local area In a paper 2-4 pages in length You are a

You are a newly paid pitch superintendent for your topical area

In a tractate 2-4 pages in length

You are a newly paid pitch superintendent for your topical area. You accept been an pitch superintendent in others cities in which you implied the infrastructures of all of the structures that were shapeless the open solution framework (NRF). As a new employee, you apprehend the avail of networking and brotherhood shapeless pitch address structures. You accept unwavering that you absence to heed the topical Community Pitch Solution Team (CERT) meetings.

You are careful in getting to understand all of the pitch address structures in the area. You must accomplished a snowy tractate artifice identifying each of the pitch address agencies. The tractate procure inclose the indicate and resolve of each of these pitch address structures. In enumeration, you must decipher why they are material to the NRF and what segregate they denote in the phases of pitch address.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the subjoined in 2–4 pages:

  • What is the Open Solution Framework, and what is its resolve?
  • Research the multiform topical, county, and particularize pitch address structures, as well-behaved-behaved as NGOs, in a particularize of your choosing. Consider CERT teams, primitive solution agencies, and so on.
  • Select 4 of these structures that were discovered through your investigation, and defense the subjoined questions:
    • What is the structure, and at what governmental equalize does it have-effect? Explain.
    • What are the roles of this structure, and what is its kindred to the Open Solution Framework? Explain.
      • Consider the 4 principal phases of turning-point and pitch address.
      • During which phases does the structure have-effect?
  • Be confident to relation all of your sources using APA name.

I want at last 4 relations and can you do the investigation on South Carolina


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