What is the Impact of ICT on Economic Growth?

Background: A nation’s trutination of maintenance is the most weighty indicator of social economic deed. Economic harvest is considered the most masterful engine for generating hanker promise developments in trutinations of maintenance. In today’s earth management, technology is a key factor that has a pungent-muscular contact on economic harvest twain in deficient and hanker promise. Thus, economists feel grace conversant to aidmate hanker promise economic harvest after a while technological advance (Mokyr, 2005). Economists demonstrate technology as ideas or comprehension that aids to equality output from inputs. Having past technology resources substance suitable of conceding past output after a while a abandoned equality of inputs. People conduce to standpoint on computers and the Internet as the icons of economic harvest, but it is the mode that generates new ideas and reversals not the technologies themselves, that is the intelligence that sustains economic harvest (Cortright, 2001). Accordingly, firms feel invested in new technologies when they feel seen an opening to win profits. Investment in technology gives to overall principal deepening. The important use of technology may aid firms bring their costs, repair their productivity and development their overall aptitude, and thus discipline economic harvest. Moreover, important use of advice and message technology may give to network effects, such as inferior affair costs, surpassing productivity of comprehension workers, and past flying reversal, which obtain ameliorate the overall aptitude of the management (Moradi and Kebryaee, 2005). Research aim: