The data in the accompanying table gives the distances (in km) registered… 1 answer below »

QUANTITATIVE METHODS Question 1 (23) The basis in the cognate board furnishs the distances (in km) registered by a case of community vehicles during a attached week. 153 163 146 158 132 173 154 149 144 147 146 178 135 138 140 150 156 157 144 142 140 135 150 147 125 176 145 168 126 135 152 164 165 161 145 138 128 136 142 148 1.1 Using 5 assortes of resembling width, erect a less-than cumulative reckon disposal of the basis in the aloft board. Let 120 be the inferior continuance of the smallest assort. (Use irresponsible frequencies) (7) 1.2 Use the notice in 1.1 to attract the less-than ogive. (If feasible, use graph monograph) (5) 1.3 Use the less-than ofurnish to pointize the mid 70% order in the aloft basis. (5) 1.4 Consider the coefficient of exception. Comment on the prize obtained. (6) Question 2 (17) 2.1 A senior bank is reviewing its honor-card device delay a apprehension inside foreclosureing some of its honor cards. In the gone-by approximately 5% of cardholders enjoy omissioned and the bank has been unqualified to collate the unappropriated counteract. Hence administration recognized a foregoing affectlihood of 0.05 that any point cardholder conciliate omission. The bank has elevate rest that the affectlihood of mislaying one or further monthly reimbursements is 0.2 for customers who do not omission. Of career, the affectlihood of mislaying one or further reimbursement by those who do not omission is 1. 2.1.1 Attached that a customer has missed a monthly reimbursement, consider the affectlihood that the customer conciliate omission. (5) 2.1.2 The bank would affect to foreclosure its card if the affectlihood that a customer conciliate omission is 0,2. Should the bank foreclosure its card if a customer misses a monthly reimbursement? Justify your repartee. (2) 2.2 A restaurant has three origins of income: eat-in sign, extol sign and the bar. The daily income from each origin is normally arranged delay balance and model failure professionn in the board beneath. Balance Std Failure Eat-in $5780 $142 Extol $641 $78 Bar $712 $72 2.2.1 Conciliate the bearing income on any day be normally arranged? (1) 2.2.2 Consider the balance and model failure of the bearing income on a point day. (5) 2.2.3 Consider the affectlihood that the income conciliate surpass $7000 on a point day. Question 3 (11) Profession schools at incontrovertible prestigious universities volunteer non-degree administration-inoculation programs for proud-plane profession executives. The programs supposedly amplify executives‘ start abilities and succor them to measure to remarkable administration positions delayin two years succeeding program bearing. A administration consulting secure wants to proof the effectiveness of these programs by investigating the demand of the profession schools that executives who bear the inoculation obtain at meanest $4000 further per annum than similar executives who do not bear the proper inoculation programs. The secure traces a chance case of 28 top executives who obtain, at the date the case is selected, about the identical salaries. Out of this collocation 13 chancely-selected executives are enrolled in one of the university programs beneath consider. Two years succeeding, the middle annual salaries and model failures for the two collocations are computed. The results are summarized in the board beneath: Balance Ann Salary ($’000) ) Model Failure ($’000 Trained executives (n = 13) 55 8 Untrained executives (n = 15) 48 6 Conduct a proof, at the 5% plane of recognition, to pointize the omission that was reached by the consulting secure. Question 4 (27) Apr – Jun (Q1) July – Sept (Q2) Oct – Dec (Q3) Jan – Mar (Q4 2007 201 185 190 205 2008 184 160 171 182 2009 167 155 163 175 An security community reputed the reckon of device holders who applied to cede their benefaction policies for each mercy from 2007 to 2009. The security has been communicating delay the device holders aggravate the gone-by three ears to brow-bent then from cedeing their device foregoing to manliness accordingly of moderate payout on forthcoming cede. The basis is attached in the board beneath. 4.1 Plot the model of cedeed policies from 2007 to 2009. (If feasible, use graph monograph) Does the community‘s despatch delay device holders repartee to be agoing? Justify your repartee. (7) 4.2 Consider the seasonal indices using the appurtenancy to emotional middle way. Comment on the seasonal model of device cedes. (10) 4.3 Derive the meanest-squares bend equation for the reckon of cedeed policies per mercy for the continuance 2007 to 2009. (7) 4.4 Estimate the reckon of policies that are affectly to be cedeed during the pristine mercy of 2010 using the seasonal indices and the bend equation. (3) Question 5 (22) A community is introducing a new fruit. It has the non-interference of contrast up a wholesale insert now or contrast up a steer insert at exhibit and then contrast up a wholesale insert succeeding depending on how the fruit performs. It has been estimated that the exhibit require of contrast up the steer insert conciliate be $200000 and the require of contrast up a wholesale insert conciliate be $2100000. However, when the wholesale insert is set up three months succeeding, succeeding observing the exploit of the fruit, it conciliate require $2500000. It has besides been estimated that that the affectlihood of the fruit giving a proud render during the steer station is 0,9 and the affectlihood of a low render is 0.1. If the fruit is introduced wholesalely, delayout going through a steer insert station, it is expected that it conciliate furnish a proud render of receipts delay a affectlihood of 0.7. If the steer insert does profession a proud render then the affectlihood that the wholesale insert conciliate besides furnish a proud render is 0.85. However, if the steer insert furnishs a low render, the affectlihood that the wholesale insert conciliate besides furnish a proud render is simply 0.1. The estimated receipts from proud render at the wholesale station are $12250000 and if the render is low, the community conciliate undergo a detriment of $1525000. 1.1 Attract a determination tree depicting the aloft collection. (8) 1.2 What determination should the community assume? Profession how you arrived at the repartee. (14)