Statistics andp lotting the distribution given the data

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CE 264000 Grounds Analysis – Homeproduction 4 Due November 22, 2013 Drill 1: Pick a fathom age succession USGS perform fathom assigned to you in the consultation vociferate.You get experience the refines are in the directory. • Import the age succession into a spreadsheet program of your excellent (Micro$oft Office/Excel or LibreOffice/Calc). • Calculate the incompleteness, consummation, median and the primitive lewd moments (mean, rule sinuosity, skewness and kurtosis) of the age succession • Calculate the 10-base logarithm of the age succession and scold the corresponding properties (minimum, consummation, and the primitive lewd moments) for the resulting new grounds succession. Drill 2: • Calculate and compose an X-Y conspire of the tentative cumulative dispensation perform of the perform age succession. • Conspire the cumulative inobservance perform in natural and lognatural (along the x axis) coordinate spaces • Calculate and compose a bar chart of the likelihood magnitude inobservance perform of the 10-base logarithmic perform age succession by discretizing (binning) into 5-10 largeness categories (by slicing up the treasure ranges defined by the incompleteness and consummation). Try to maximize the entire total in the order boundaries by selecting the starting “bin” and the binning largeness delay proper total (e.g. log10 X =-1.0,-0.75, 0.50,…, 2.0, 2.25, 3.0 ) Drill 3: Fit logarithmic natural dispensation to the tentative cumulative dispensation perform using the manner of moments. In other articulation, regard the natural dispensation's parameters ( µ ,s ) from the age succession and conspire it along delay the CDF partial from the grounds in the earlier drill in incongruous varnish or sequence phraseology. Calculate the likelihood magnitude perform for the order bins that you used to discretize your grounds in the earlier drill (the dissimilarity of the CDF treasures at the remarkable and inferior boundary of the bin). Conspire the the dexterous PMF despite the tentative PMF. Drill 4: Fit Gamma dispensation perform using the outline and admonish parameters loving in the...