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Guidelines: You should cogitate your device as a technical repute that you would transform into a boss on the job.  Your gait conciliate be domiciled on the tendency of your written bestowal, tables and graphs, and the validity of any mathematics.  The paper you transform in should bear a mix of prose, tables and graphs, and calculations.  Use adequate sentences, good-tempered-tempered language, and improve punctuation. Spelling is also influential.  You should aim to transcribe your repute in such a way that it can be interpret and subordinatestood by anyone who knows the esthetic for this road.  Finally, as a unconcealed administration for this and any other device, whenever you hypothesize an apology to a doubt, be fast to get spacious vindication as to why you think your apology to be improve.   Part I:  Gathering Compulsory Data 1) Select a theme that interests you and append compulsory, individual inconstant axioms on that theme.  Axioms can be establish in magazines, in newspapers, on the Internet, or in passagebooks (elect one other than your passage for this collocate).  Be fast the beginning of your axioms is unprejudiced.  Be fast you bear at lowest 20 axioms points.  Transcribe an precursory chapter describing why you bear clarified this theme.  Be fast to involve your axioms points and the beginning of your axioms in your repute.   2) Type your axioms in Microsoft Excel.  Organize it into collocatees and abundance of that collocate.    3) Using the Insert tab in Excel, you can educe tables and graphs.  Display your axioms in: a) a abundance distribution b) a not-absolute abundance distribution c) a upright bar graph d) a lifeless bar graph e) a pie chart   Be fast all graphs are visually appealing, including labeling of all axes, providing chart titles, and providing any legends that may be compulsory.  All of these adjustments can be made in the Layout Tab subordinate Chart Tools unintermittently your chart is educed.  Copy and paste these graphs in your clarified tidings processor so you can achieve the rest of this device.   4) Transcribe a analysis chapter...