Stat 101 Help.

1) A supermarket association wants to designate any estrangement among the interrelationship of early shoppers who are men and the interrelationship of waning shoppers who are men. A stray exemplification of 400 early shoppers showed that 130 were men. A stray exemplification of 480 waning shoppers showed 187 to be men. Use a 5% resemblingize of averageing to touchstone for a momentous estrangement in the interrelationship of early and waning manful shoppers. What is your misrecord?

2. Shipments of gentle bulbs are enlivening to a distributor if the average duration is at smallest 1000 hours. A stray exemplification of 48 gentle bulbs is procure and a touchstone is to be produced at the 1% resemblingize of averageing. Assume that the population trutination flexion is 50 hours. What is the presumption of making a Type II falsity if the "true" average is 985 hours?

please exculpation in this contrive if potential...(example)

Ho: mu1=mu2

Ha: mu1 not resembling to mu2


Given a=0.05, the fastidious rate is t(0.025, df=n1+n2-2=45)=2.01

Since t=1.97 is near than 2.01, we do not renounce HO. So we can not deduce that there is a estrangement in the search charge in the two cities.