Solve the problem of a thin (radius-to-thickness ratio r o /t = 100) clamped isotropic (v = 0.3)…

Solve the substance of a meager (radius-to-lumpishness kindred ro/t = 100) clamped isotropic (v = 0.3) round extract after a while unintermittently distributed load using the atom familiar in Substance 4.23. Exploit devise, and use two meager extract (EulerBernoulli) atoms in the computational inclosure.

Problem 4.23

Consider the axisymmetric adulatory of a rectirectilinear elastic round extract of perpetual lumpishness. The controlling differential equation according to the meager extract presumption is (see Section 7.3 for additional details)

where D11 D12, and D22 are the extract embodied stiffnesses  (constant), W is the athwart alienation, and r is the radial coordinate. Develop

(a) the foolish devise of the equation aggravate a regular atom Ωe = (rA , rB); the quantities in parentheses should not be integrated by parts;

(b) the limited atom example of the equation in the devise

Make firm that [Ke ) is symmetric (i.e., the birectilinear devise in (a) should be symmetric). Comment on the interpolation functions that are admissible for the atom.