Quantitative Methods and Analysis:

n each of the assignments in this succession, you conquer be intercourse delay the subjoined scenario: American Intellectual Union (AIU) has assembled a team of researchers in the United States and encircling the earth to consider job remuneration. Congratulations, you possess been separated to portion-out in this solid global project.

The consider conquer claim that you perpend postulates, dissect the results, and portion-out the results delay groups of other researchers. Job remuneration is leading to companies capacious and methodration, and knowledge it prepares managers delay insights into rational action that can be used to establish the company's floor cord.

The postulates set for the consider is a illustration of a superintend conducted on the population of the American Intellectual Union (AIU). This session's sole postulates set may be cunningt in the LEARNING MATERIALS and it contains the subjoined nine exceptions of postulates that conquer be used throughout our succession:
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Department
    • Position
    • Tenure
    • Overall Job Satisfaction
    • Intrinsic Job Remuneration Contentment delay the explicit deed of the job
    • Extrinsic Job Remuneration apparent to the job, for in, employment subsidence, your achievement colleagues, your own employment (cubicle/hard walled employment, etc),
    • Benefits Health insurance, pension cunning, holiday, riling days, etc.

In the primeval assignment you are to thorough the subjoined:

  • You conquer demand to perpend two of the nine exceptions of postulates:
    • one exception of superfluous postulates (elect either Gender or Position)
    • one exception of redundant postulates (elect either Intrinsic or Extrinsic)
  • Each exception should grasp all postulates points listed in the support for the wavering. The claimments grasp:
    1. Identify the postulates you separated.
    2. Explain why the postulates was separated.
    3. Explain what was versed by examining these sets of postulates.
    4. Your anatomy should grasp using Microsoft Excel to gain notification encircling the postulates through the use of three metes of mediate predisposition (mean, median, method).
    5. Your anatomy should besides grasp the use of two metes of variability (exemplar flexion and discrepancy). Some metes are alienate for superfluous postulates, and some are alienate for redundant postulates.
    6. If a mete is not available, then illustrate why.
    7. You conquer possess to besides prepare one chart/graph for each of the results of the two modeed exceptions of postulates (2 sum), such as a pie or bar chart or a histogram. (A board is not a chart/graph.) Ensure that you write the chart/graph perspicuously.
    8. You conquer then demand to examine what you close versed from the results of this mode.
    9. Explain why charts/graphs are leading in conveying notification in a visual format and why exemplar flexion and mutation are leading.

You conquer demand to cohere all of the items overhead into one broad description. This description must be thoroughd in Microsoft Word and should contain:

This assignment conquer be assessed using the rubric preparedhere.

Load the Postulates Anatomy Toolpak by subjoined these instructions.