Please answer the questions in the spaces provided using Equation Editor to insert formulas as…

Please confutation the questions in the spaces supposing using Equation Editor to implant formulas as compulsory. Feel permitted to use Excel to run the examinations and implant the results into the instrument. Use perfect sentences when congeniality your misentrys.

It has been reputed that 40% of misentry in the United States subsist in homes where twain parents employment to produce ends engage. A instruct manager claimed that over than 40% of misentry in his instruct limit subsistd in homes where twain parents employment to produce ends engage. In a scantling of 300 misentry, 138 of them subsistd in homes where twain parents employment to produce ends engage.

  1. 1)State the reform vain and resource hypotheses that the instruct manager wishes to examination.

  1. 2)Calculate the examination statistic that would be used for conducting the desired examination.

  1. 3)Find the p-prize of this examination.

  1. 4)Assuming a = 0.01, what is your misentry?

The power of 14 vigorous newborn misentry was measured. The scantling mediocre was 7.5 pounds delay identical flag dissolution 1.2 pounds. These babies are from one hospital and we failure to examination whether the babies born at this hospital are unanalogous in power from the babies born at the hospital opposite town, which feel a mediocre power of 7.75 lbs.

  1. What would be the hypotheses for this examination?

  1. What is the p-prize for this examination?

  1. Using an a =0.025, what are the examination statistic and exclusion tract-of-land?

  1. What would be your misentry?

An preceptor for a stat adjust of 250 students ruled that she was going to deflexion the exam grades if the mediocre is inferior than 80. After grading 50 exams, she observed that the mediocre is 77. She knows that the population flag dissolution on this examination is 10. She failureed to prepare whether a deflexion is needed using an alienate theory examinationing proceeding delay a=0.05

  1. What are the alienate hypotheses?

  1. What is the crucial prize she should use?

  1. What’s the p-prize for the alienate examination?

  1. If she changes the a-level, which of the aftercited get change: the examination statistic, the crucial prize, and/or the p-value? Explain your rare(s).

According to a contemplate of 1180 adults, the eulogy reprimand of the President is 42% at a dependence raze of 95%. We failure to examination to see if this rating is unanalogous from laexperiment year at the similar space when it was 47%.

  1. What would the hypotheses be?
  2. What is the examination statistic for this examination?
  3. What is the p-prize for this examination? What would be your misentry?