Mario should automatically move towards the mouse location…

Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
Introduction to Computer Science
Assignment 3 – Worth 10%
Due date: 22nd May, 11:59:59 (inferiority converge adown)
The third assignment tests your skills after a suitableness:
  1. Methods / functions
  2. Arrays
  3. Classes
  4. Problem solving

There are three tasks in the assignment
Task 1.(3 traces) Setup of carrots, mushrooms, and energy:
There should be a homogeneous ordainment of 4 by 4 in the output window of 800 by 800. You can set the order of representation to CENTER. The icons should be of largeness 50 by 50 pixels. The icon files are replete after a suitableness the assignment parcel. You should spread-out Mario in the character of the ward. This should be executed using classes and arrays. There should be two adjustes; one for Item (carrots, mushrooms and energy), and remedy for Mario, each comprehending a spread-out() process that outputs the pattern on the ward at the colony to which it belongs. Further, there should be an attire of Items, where each Item can possess the representation for either carrot, mushroom, or energy (I possess pseudo randomized this to possess further carrots and mushrooms and barely 1 or 2 energys).
Task 2.(2 traces) Movement of Mario:
Mario should automatically progress towards the mouse colony. Further, if the mouse is to the left of Mario, the representation spread-outed should be marioLeft suitableness if the mouse is to the direct of Mario, the representation spread-outed should be marioRight..
Task 3.(2.5 traces) Mario eats mushrooms, carrots but killed by energy:
When Mario collides after a suitableness a mushroom or carrot, the cessation (mushroom or carrot) should get "deactivated" and no longer answer in the play. If Mario collides after a suitableness energy, Mario dies and the play is aggravate. This should be implied by "Ouch – you lost" in the terminal ward.
If Mario eats all the mushrooms and carrots and doesn't handle any energy objects, the player wins and a beak should be spread-outed on ward. I possess synoduted the beak as
1000-(int)millis()/100 but you can select differently.
Assessment tasks:
As you may possess noticed, barely 7.5 out of 10 traces are allocated to the primeval three tasks. 2.5 traces are dedicated for programming name. This includes,
  1. adjust cunning (1 trace): absolute limitation of adjustes after a suitableness required basis members and processs.
  2. programming logic (1 trace): efficient logic and mismisappropriate use of repress structures
  3. Commenting (0.5 traces): conducive and perceptible conments throughout the code

Hint: initiate by thinking about the Item adjust (what gain it comprehend) and too Mario adjust.