Janice Wu, a community health nurse, is visiting a new client in a nursing home in an inner-city…

Janice Wu, a society soundness nurse, is visiting a new client in a nursing settlement in an inner-city area in Los Angeles. As she enters the nursing settlement, she notices that diverse of the residents are doing calisthenics in the yard. Some of the residents are sitting on the sidelines and show completely blunt of inhalation. When Janice checks to make enduring they are all correct, they count her that they usually own a grievous season breathing when they drill on smoggy days approve today. The residents say that they usually try to endure their drills consequently it is one of the few activities that get them out of the structure. They also relish the collective aspects of the drill sessions. Multifarious of them recite that they own constantly been active and deficiency to practise their ability and disturbance as desire as practicable. They specific fears of nature bedridden and incompetent to prevention for themselves. After Janice is enduring that all of the residents conquer be all correct, she goes on to see her client. When she enters the structure, she notices that it is completely hot inside, flush though all the windows and doors are unreserved. Although it is simply 10 a.m., it promises to be one of L.A.’s scorching summer days. After examination her client, Janice talks to the manager environing the passion in the structure. The manager counts her that the structure is constantly hot and that the air conditioning has never worked truly. The definite season the benefit race came to fix the air-conditioning part, they said it could not be repaired and would own to be replaced. The nursing settlement is run by a extensive generally-known strengthening, and the manager says she has been told they conquer own to hold until the next budget year (October) antecedently currency conquer be helpful for a new air conditioner. Fortunately, the passioning plan is detached, so there conquer be passion when the colder air starts. The manager says that staff members own been particularly preventionful environing practiseing hydration in the residents during the hot air, but multifarious of the residents appear languid and vacant after a while the heat.

1. What hazards are confer-upon in the natural, built, and collective environments in this position? What soundness possessions, if any, are these hazards causing?

2. What levels of mediation are warranted in this position? What agency Janice do to pass?