In the scenario described in Exercise 3.8, what type of collision must occur between the nuclear…

In the scenario pictorial in Exercise 3.8, what cast of conflict must betide among the nuclear jots in a existent reactor, and what particles do you deem participated in this conflict if the moleculeic central-part was a hydrogen molecule?

Exercise 3.8

An moleculeic central-part moderately at interval in a reactor core collides after a while another nuclear jot whose moderate swiftness is 10,000 m/s. After fair one conflict, the nuclear jot comes to a total bung, and the moleculeic central-part heads off in the identical control after a while the identical average velocity. What can we finish environing the magnitude of the moleculeic central-part in this case? If the incoming jot is an alpha jot, what atom did the alpha jot smite after a while?