In Exercise 14.2, it was assumed that the liquid and vapor phases were moving through a BWR fuel…

In Exercise 14.2, it was antecedent that the soft and fog phases were tender through a BWR fuel parterre at accurately the similar hurry. In reality, the lubricate connection in a BWR centre is closer to 2.0; that is, the fog moves at twice the hurry of the soft. In this fact, what is the debouchure virtue at the top of the centre?

Exercise 14.2

 In the (see Exercise 14.1), the reader was asked to nd the void piece of the coolant of at the top of a BWR fuel parterre (i.e., the capacity of the coolant α that was converted into fume). Now prepresuppose that we would relish to recognize what percentage of the whole magnitude of the coolant is converted into fume at this summit. What is this percentage named, and what is its treasure at the top of the centre (z = H)?

Exercise 14.1

Assume that the mediocre shortsightedness of the coolant debouchureing a BWR fuel parterre is 0.155 g/cm3. What piece of the whole capacity of the coolant has been converted into fume at the debouchure of the fuel parterre in this fact?