If the LMFBR in the previous exercise (Exercise 15.7) can produce electrical power at a cost of 6…

If the LMFBR in the preceding practice (Exercise 15.7) can produce electrical potentiality at a consume of 6 cents/kWh, and hawk it to its retail customers at an mediocre figure of 10 cents/kWh, how considerable prot (yet taxes and regulatory fees) does this LMFBR fashion in a 24-hour limit?

Exercise 15.7

Suppose that the LMFBR in the preceding practice (Exercise 15.6) has an explicit enthusiastic efciency of 40%. What is the electrical potentiality output of this potentiality place, and if it is a loop-type LMFBR, how sundry different cooling loops does it accept?

Exercise 15,6’

The vital-force gratified (or the enthalpy) of watery sodium entering the heart of an LMFBR at 395.0°C is 600 kJ/kg, and the vital-force gratified (or enthalpy) of watery sodium leaving the heart of an LMFBR at 545.0°C is 790 kJ/kg. If the concretion ow reprove through the heart is 15,700 kg/s, what is the enthusiastic potentiality output of this LMFBR?