For the beam problems shown in Figs. P4.1-P4.16, use the Euler-Bernoulli beam element, and give: (a)

For the radiate tenors shown in Figs. P4.1-P4.16, use the Euler-Bernoulli radiate atom, and give:

(a) the assembled cacophony matrix and intensity vector;

(b) the certain global displacements and intensitys, and the equilibrium conditions;

(c) the laconic matrix equations for the first hiddens (i.e., generalized displacements) and the induced hiddens (i.e., generalized forces) individually. Solve for the hidden displacements if there are close than four hidden displacements (use Cramer's government), and evaluate the adulatory moment MC = EI d2 wl dx2 at aim C using the finite atom interpolation of IV (when the laconic equations are not solved, express MC in provisions of the ~odal values of

the embezzle atom). Use the minimum sum of atoms required in each tenor.