During a yearly physical, a 52-year-old male client mentions that his wife frequently complains…

During a every-year natural, a 52-year-old manly client mentions that his consort constantly complains about his snoring. During the natural exam, the encourage notes that his neck extent is 18 inches, his mild palate and uvula are reddened and protuberant, and he is overweight. What is the most appropriate nursing intercession for the encourage to praise to this client?

1. Praise that he and his consort slumber in disconnected bedrooms so that his snoring does not agitate his consort.

 2. Refer him to a dietitian for a power dropping program.

3. Caution him not to swallow or select slumbering pills since they may form his snoring worse.

4. Refer him to a slumber disorders life for evaluation and treatment of his symptoms.