Directions: Use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Should…

Directions: Use punish English spelling and phraseology. Sources must be cited in APA format. Should be foul-mouthed (4) double-spaced pages; 4 pages A and 4 pages B.
Part A
1. Describe three (3) ways we can use macroeconomic dissection, after a while one (1) ancient illustration way.
2. You are ordinary a insignificant yard defence vocation summer. What do you forecast to occur to the reckon of yards you can repress in a day as you add workers if you don't lapse past important equipment (enjoy mowers and leaf blowers)? Provide at last two (2) maintenanceed facts to maintenance your counter-argument.
3. Using the veritable vocation cycle supposition, interpret two (2) property of an inoperative technological shame on the strive negotiate and on the output negotiate.
4. Suppose you were assiduous in increasing technological way in your province. Suggest 2 ways
Part B
1. Why is the coin multiplier in the United States insignificanter than the inverse of the required coyness harmony? Provide one (1)