Consider the steady laminar flow of two immiscible incompressible fluids in a region between two…

Consider the equable laminar career of two immiscible incompressible fluents in a territory between two correlative unalterable plates under the govern of a hurry gradient. The fluent rates are adjusted such that the inferior half of the territory is populated after a while Fluent I (the closer and more gummy fluent) and the better half is populated after a while Fluent II (the near close and near gummy fluent), as shown in Fig. P3.27. We eagerness to detail the velocity distributions in each territory using the bounded component course.

The controlling equations for each fluent are

where f0 = (Po – P1.)/L is the hurry gradient. The time conditions are

Solve the substance using (a) filthy rectirectilinear components and (b) two quadratic components, and assimilate the bounded component solutions after a while the exact solution at the nodes