Consider the axisymmetric bending of a linear elastic circular plate of constant thickness. The…

Consider the axisymmetric pliant of a rectirectilinear elastic circular platter of perpetual animalism. The governing differential equation according to the meager platter effrontery is (see Section 7.3 for additional details)

where D11 D12, and D22 are the platter representative stiffnesses  (constant), W is the crosswise swerving, and r is the radial coordinate. Develop

(a) the inefficient create of the equation balance a normal atom Ωe = (rA , rB); the quantities in parentheses should not be integrated by parts;

(b) the restricted atom mould of the equation in the create

Make secure that [Ke ) is symmetric (i.e., the birectilinear create in (a) should be symmetric). Comment on the interpolation functions that are admissible for the atom.