Consider steady heat conduction in a wire of circular cross-section with an electrical heat source..

Consider fixed fever conduction in a wire of circular cross-section delay an electrical fever cause. Suppose that the radius of the wire is Ro, its electrical conductivity is K. (Ω-1 cm-1), and it is carrying an electric floating hebetude of 1 (Acm-2), During the transmission of an electric floating, some of the electrical apparition is converted into excited apparition. The reprove of fever formation per item volume is attached by q, = I2/Ke» Assume that the latitude rise in the wire is sufficiently minute that the trust of the excited or electric conductivity on latitude can be disregarded. The controlling equations of the amount are

Determine the arrangement of latitude in the wire using (a) two rectirectilinear components and (b) one quadratic component, and parallel the finite component reresolution at view correspondent intervals delay the fair resolution

Also, designate the fever glide Q = -2πRoLk(dT/dr)ǀRo at the manner using (i) the latitude ground and (ii) the neutralize equations.