Assume that the data is either normally distributed or that it must be standardized to answer… 1 answer below »

Assume that the postulates is either recognizedly as sorted or that it must be restardized to confutation the subjoined topics.

Farmers frequently hawk proceeds and vegetables at roadside rests during the summer. One such roadside rest has a daily persevere for tomatoes that is almost recognizedly as sorted after a while a medium of 465 tomatoes and a restard gap of 30 tomatoes. If there are 423 tomatoes conducive to be sold at the roadside rest at the source of a day, what is the chance that they get all be sold?


The table of examiners that administers the veritable order broker's examinationimony in a incontrovertible specify root that the medium reckoning on the examination was 498 and the restard gap was 72. If the table wants to set the perishing reckoning so that barely the best 80% of all applicants by, what is the perishing reckoning? Assume that the reckonings are recognizedly as sorted.

P(z > -3.05) = ____________


The trounce of repay for an siege can be forcible by a recognized distribution after a while medium 44% and restard gap 3%. What is the chance that the trounce of repay for the siege exceeds 50%?

P( - Z00) = 0.9800 Z0 = ____________


A ceveritable creator has a mediums that fills the boxes. Boxes are labeled “16 ounces,” so the assemblage wants to possess that greatly ceveritable in each box, but gone no packaging process is consummate, there get be junior variations. If the mediums is set at accurately 16 ounces and the postulates is recognizedly as sorted (or at last the distribution is roughly symmetric), then encircling half of the boxes get be underweight, making consumers disastrous and exposing the assemblage to bad currency and potential lawsuits. To obstruct underweight boxes, the fabrication has to set the medium a brief surpassing than 16.0 ounces. Based on their knowledge after a while the packaging mediums, the assemblage believes that the quantity of ceveritable in the boxes fits a Recognized pattern after a while a restard gap of 0.2 ounces. The fabrication decides to set the mediums to put an medium of 16.3 ounces in each box. What symmetry of boxes search near than 16 ounces?

In alliance to topic 8a, the assemblage’s lawyers say that everything balance 5% is too exalted. They persevere that no over than 4% of the boxes should be underweight. So the assemblage insufficiencys to set the mediums to put a brief over ceveritable in each box. Given the selfselfsame restard gap of 0.2 ounces, what medium elucidation per box in ounces would they insufficiency to set the mediums to, to secure that barely 4% of the boxes are adown 16 ounces?

In alliance to topic 8b, the assemblage moderator vetoes the lawyer’s plan, assertion the assemblage should confer afar near detached cereal, not over. Her goal is to set the mediums no surpassing than 16.2 ounces and stagnant possess barely 4% underweight boxes (adown 16 ounces). The barely way to conclude this is to curtail the restard gap. What restard gap must the assemblage end, and what does that medium encircling the mediums?