Another way to reduce the size of a reactor containment building is to add a suppression pool (see..

Another way to subject the largeness of a reactor containment fabric is to add a reservation pool (see Section 16.11) to the containment building. The insinuate from the reservation pool absorbs some of the enthusiasm from a LOCA, and consequently near enthusiasm is advantageous to amplify the resulting air–steam mixture, the peak atmosphere and exigency in the containment fabric are much lower than they would ordinarily be. Suppose for a force that a BWR containment fabric outside a reservation pool has an interior tome of 50,000 m3, a peak scheme exigency of 50 PSI, and a peak scheme atmosphere of 150°C. Adding the reservation pool subjects the peak scheme atmosphere to 100°C. If the reservation pool is very feeble (on the regulate of 1000 m3 ), by what percentage can the completion tome of the containment fabric be subjectd if the reservation pool is used?