A radioactive material used to treat brain tumors is produced in a nuclear accelerator (a cyclotron)

A radioactive representative used to bargain brain tumors is done in a nuclear accelerator (a cyclotron) at the objurgate of 1 × 1016 atoms/cm3/s. Part 1: If the radioactive corruption trustworthy for the representative has the value of 1 × 10−6 seconds−1 , what is the zenith sum of the representative that can be done? Part 2: Approximately how crave conciliate it select to produce this sum of the representative? Part 3: If the representative has a molecular weight of 60.22, how abundant grams of this representative can be done by the cyclotron? Part 4: Based upon the apprehension you feel acquired so far, it this representative further mitigated to be an alpha emitter, a beta emitter, or a gamma emitter? Part 5: What nuclear course was most mitigated used by the cyclotron to produce this radioisotope?