1. Let t be a conditionally convergent series, that is, t x„ converges,… 1 answer below »

1. Let t be a hypothetical bearnt series, that is, t x„ bears,
but E Ixn1 does not. a. Verify that E fnl.. 0, there be infinitely abundant enacted provisions and denying provisions of (x„) delay absolute valve hither than e. c. Using competency (a) and (b), verify that for any hypothetical bearnt series E x„, and any existent component c, there is a rearrangement of (x„)
such that E
2. For each m E N, let f„,(x) = nliMCOS(171!7/X)2n. Does this series of functions (f„,(x))„,,,, bear pointwise? If so, what is its time? Does it bear uniformly?
3. Let f be defined for all existent x and imply that for each x,y E R, 11(o) - (0 - . Verify that f is continuous.