Usc Sosw 503 Assignment 1 Systems and Ecological Theory

SOWK 503 – Fall 2012 Assignment #1: Article Flavor 9/26/12 Julie Emmer LCSW CAP Abstract The intention of this monograph is to critically flavor and evaluate the consider: Parenting a Offshoot Delay a Disibility: The Role of Political Swing for African American Parents, written by Jung – Hwa Ha, Jan S. Greenburg, & Marsha Mallick Seltzer. This monograph procure critically engage the Ecological Perspective and Systems Theory, to the political regard as it orationed in this consider. This monograph procure complete this flavor by assessing the fancy, evaluating the way of consider, and critically discussing the results of the consider in scrutiny by using the key concepts of the fore mentioned theories. Upon the substance of this monograph, the unraveler procure entertain a unmeasured sense of the consider, and how it may tell to shape of Political Product using a Systems Doctrine perspective. Critique of: Parenting a Offshoot Delay a Disability: The Role of Political Swing for African American Parents Key Concepts of consider The consider Parenting a Offshoot Delay a Disability: The Role of Political Swing for African American Parents, was conducted as an disquisition of the findings of earlier studies. There entertain been a divers studies that entertain criticized the racial collision of the doers of not characterized offshootren; ultimately, few entertain criticized the swings that may like an African American extraction rallying a not characterized offshoot. Therefore, the intention of this consider is to criticize the aftercited two areas of interest: (a) the collision of having a offshoot delay a unfitness on doers’ moral and corporeal vigor natant fashionable-dwelling African Americans and (b) the bulk to which real and denying political interactions delay extraction members other than the colleague steady the collision of offshoot’s unfitness on doeral fitness (Ha, Greenberg & Mailick Seltzer, 2010). The authors’ motivation for this consider is to procure tentative testimony to befriend professionals in orationing feasible deficiencys when, supplying political services to this population or environment of lients. Main occurrences and regards telld to the political regard. The authors of this consider referenced incongruous earlier studies that attended their doctrine of; extraction swing from other than a colleague procure characteristic to courteousentity and correspondent homeostasis of the doer. Earlier studies “suggest that unabrupt families organize a heart political netproduct for African Americans and procure main financial and instrumoral swing (Ellison,1990). Furthermore, swing from kin is telld to courteousentity and foresighter recompense natant African Americans (Ellison, 1990). In identicalization, it is to-boot suggested in this consider that denying entropy (interactions) or bankruptcy of supra arrangement (unabrupt extraction) involvement may collision the doer in a denying devise. The forced of the nucleus on African American doers, is to assess the swing of having a not characterize offshoot, and how it may like the denying earnestness that is already conversant in the extraction arrangement by hardship and judgment. This consider was conducted in fashioneffectual areas in Milwaukee county Wisc. as a perpetuation of the Midcareer in the United States Consider (MIDUS; Brim, Ryff, & Kessler, 2004). The African American Milwaukee illustration procured a uncommon shape to oration delayin-racial colcolonization differences in the collision of having a offshoot delay a unfitness. (Ha, Greenberg & Mailick Seltzer, 2010). The illustration colcolonization of the consider was a colcolonization of 48 families delay a not characterize offshoot that is misereffectual delay one of the aftercited disorders: autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or psychological unfitness, or was forforever misereffectual delay a long-term important moral vigor drift. The similitude colcolonization of 144 was families consisting of at lowest 1 offshoot and no offshootren in the extraction arrangement entertain a unfitness. Doctrine Concepts The arrangements arrival attempts to scene the universe in provisions of irreducibly and integrated arrangements. It nucleuses circumspection on the courteous, as courteous as on the abstruse interrelationships natant its voter compressiveness. The arrangements doctrine sees all of the views of a appropriate and their environment as an identical arrangement and an interkindred arrangement. A political arrangement is a appropriate command of arrangements… right of appropriates or collocations of appropriates who interact and swing each other’s conduct. “Within this command can be intervening appropriates families, organizations, communities, societies, and cultures” (Robbins, Chatterjee & Canda, 2011). The arrangements doctrine allows us to criticize the focal arrangement from a micro, meso, or macro perspective. Keeping all of the identical arrangements autonomous, timeliness stagnant entity resultual to conceptualize the interrelatedness of the arrangements simultaneously. Similar to the arrangements doctrine, the ecological doctrine embraces divers of the identical concepts, but has straighteneded the nucleus, so that it does not conceive such a liberal scene of the arrangement. The Ecological doctrine is an medicateive, evolutionary scene of ethnical entitys in steady substitute reciprocity delay all elements of their environment (Germain & Gitterman, 1980, p. 5). The fancy that appropriate and the environment are insepareffectual and must be considered jointly, is elementary conviction of this doctrine. The appropriate and his or her environment devise a unitary arrangement in which each is question on the other and promptly shapes each other. Application of doctrine and key concepts The illustration of population of this consider was acquired from a population in the fashioneffectual areas of Milwaukee. Even though this consider did not reveal testimony regarding the ecoarrangement and the environment of the questions, it would be unspotted to feign that they are victims of urgent and exploitive ability. The forced for this conviction is the geographical colonization of this consider, is public for having a tall compute of genesis plants and laborious soilure. The urgent ability that is entity misereffectual is quantified in the consider, delay the occurrence, that the questions do not stay in bar vicinity to any political services. This consider was conducted to value the like of rallying a offshoot delay a unfitness this environment. Prefer nucleus was placed on the goods of synergy from a supra arrangement (family) on the focal arrangement (parents), and the feasible denying vigor goods acquired from the bankruptcy of synergy. The results of this consider were separated into two individualitys. The original individuality was to assess the goods having a offshoot delay a unfitness (sub arrangement) has on the focal arrangement. The denying earnestness from a sub arrangement delay a unfitness did entertain a denying result on the focal arrangement’s corporeal vigor, and homeostasis. The denying collision on the homeostasis of the focal arrangement was characteristicd to corporeal impairments of the questions. However, this was seen solely in the older population that was learned and may entertain been creatord by the ascend in corporeal activities that is deficiencyed to foresight for a offshoot delay appropriate deficiencys and aging. This view swings the concept of fitness of the focal arrangement to terminate the politeness of fit in their habitat. The bankruptcy of moral vigor disorders in the focal arrangement, may to-boot declare that entropy from instrument in the environment or supra arrangement, may creator the identical quantity of moral disturb in the focal colcolonization as a courteous. The promote intention of this consider was to criticize the result of proceedings betwixt the supra arrangement and the focal arrangement. Specifically how the focal arrangement’s homeostasis is likeed by the substitute of real, and denying earnestness, or entropy. The results of this consider insufficiently attended the fancy that real earnestness proceedings betwixt the focal, and supra arrangement is a predictor of the homeostasis of the focal arrangement. The real and denying moral like is close when a arrangement has real earnestness proceedings delay the supra arrangement, and in shape, leads to a balanced homeostasis and politeness of fit. In shape, the arrangements delay entropy or denying earnestness proceedings from the supra arrangement are more slight to entertain subsided coping values, and a subsided politeness of fit. Emerging illustrations. Examination of this consider from a arrangements perspective did submit an emerging illustration. I was resultual to arrival the weight, and interrelatedness of a arrangement. This consider procured tentative testimony that arrangements are interconnected. The proceeding of earnestness from a sub or a supra arrangement procure like the homeostasis of the focal arrangement. This result may be real or denying, but none the close, it procure like the focal arrangement. This consider to-boot procured testimony that a arrangement procure medicate to its environment to terminate a politeness of fit and correspondent homeostasis. The arrangements doctrine was resultual to aid me assess the interrelatedness of the consider; ultimately, it did to-boot aid me to identify the shynesss of consider. One such shyness is straightened nucleus of the consider. I think for the consider to be resultive, the authors would entertain deficiencyed to oration political regards, urgent ability, and exploitive ability, which may be likeing the focal arrangement as a courteous. Compressive summery Upon substance of this consider I did occupy a new apprehension and honesty regarding the African American doers of not characterized offshootren. This consider demonstrated the denying result on homeostasis and corporeal vigor, that is acquired from denying earnestness proceedings delay the supra and sub arrangements. However, I am stagnant left delay scrutinys regarding the resultiveness of this consider. This consider was produced in a nonincongruous unity on a very diminutive illustration bulk. Therefore, I think that prefer consider is deficiencyed, delay the nucleus colcolonization help in incongruous communities and entity questioned to incongruous environmoral swings. Furthermore, this target illustration was scant to offshootren delay moral disabilities, and to resultively assess this question, the illustration must be large to conceive corporeal disabilities. This consider was in an environment that may be flat and affliction from arrangementatic judgment. I was amazed to unravel that the appropriates delay not characterized offshootren were not misereffectual delay more moral disorders than the appropriates delayout not characterized offshootren. This view raises regard encircling the environment of the illustration collocation. This consider ordinary that this population is single-minded from instrument, and has a tall unemployment rebuke as courteous. All of these occurrenceors procure like the courteousentity and homeostasis of a appropriate. Therefore, I think that prefer interrogation is deficiencyed to assess the unity stressors and swing on the overall courteousentity and homeostasis of the unity. These swings should not be explored solely for this consider, but to to-boot arrival deficiency, and procure instrument for this population. Instrument Ha, J. , Greenberg, J. S. , & Mailick Seltzer, M. (2010). Parenting a offshoot delay a unfitness: The role of political swing for african american doers. The Journal of Contemporary Political Services, 92(4), 405-411. Robbins, S. , Chatterjee, P. , & Canda, E. (2011). Contempory ethnical behaivior thoery. (3rd ed. , p. 38). Sadddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon. Ellison, C. G. (1990). Extraction ties, Friendships, and Subjective Well-Being natant Bbankruptcy Americans. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 52(2), 298–310. Germain,C. B. & Gitterman, A. (1980) The Career Model of Political Product Practice. New York: Columbia University Press. Green, R. (1999) Ecological Perspective an exceptive presumptive frameproduct for political product experience (2nd ed. , p. 259-308). New York: Aldine DeGruyyer