Amazing Doctor for Marketing

Review topics for the midterm exam Topic 1: Introduction to Marketing 1. Define marketing and debate how it is further than sound “advertising and selling. ” 2. Clear-up why it is significant for all departments of an organization—marketing, accounting, finance, operations superintendence, ethnical resources, and so on—to “think consumer. ” Why is it significant that level community who are not in marketing apprehend it? 3. Marketing has been criticized owing it “makes community buy things they don’t indeed insufficiency. ” Refute or foundation this accusation. . What are the five unanalogous marketing superintendence orientations? 5. Clear-up the fruit, fruit, selling, and marketing concepts. 6. Clear-up the societal marketing concept and cater three examples of companies that are practicing collective profession in their profession activities. 7. List the unanalogous steps of the marketing regularity. 8. What are the two significant topics the marketing director must acceptance to cunning a seductive marketing policy? How does the marketing director go environing acceptanceing these two topics? 9. Explain what is meant by segmentation and targeting. 10. Define positioning and clear-up how it is refined. 11. Define the concept of marketing mix. 12. Define each of the disgusting Ps. What insights might a strong mould by because the disgusting Cs rather than the disgusting Ps? 13. What is the variety betwixt the concept of customer (perceived) appraise and customer lifetime-value? 14. What is the variety betwixt the concept of stigma equity and customer equity? 15. Do fidelity cards irritate (i. e. , invent) stigma fidelity in the marketplace? Explain your acceptance. Topic 2: The marketing environment and Strategic Planning 1. Define the concept of strategic planning and compute the steps that control directors and the strong through the strategic planning regularity. 2. Draw the elements of a company’s marketing environment and why marketers portray a precarious role in tracking environmental trends and spotting opportunities. 3. Clear-up what is meant by a market-oriented band-arms assertion and debate the characteristics of conducive band-arms assertions. 4. Clear-up the fruit/market matrix. 5. Explain what is meant by a profession portfolio decomposition. Also, spectry and totally draw a framework (a hireling) that can be used to persuade a profession portfolio decomposition. Topic 3: Marketing Scrutiny 1. Contrast betwixt vital scrutiny and induced scrutiny. 2. List the unanalogous steps of the scrutiny regularity. 3. Clear-up the role of subordinate grounds in moulding customer insights. Where do marketers get subordinate grounds? 4. Compare open-ended and closed-ended topics. When and for what is each fashion of topic helpful in marketing scrutiny? 5. What is the variety betwixt a Likert layer and a semantic unanalogousial layer? Propose a Likert layer to mete the concept of stigma fidelity. 6. A marketing scrutinyer should assess the reliability of his findings and the security of his metements. What is the variety betwixt reliability and security? Foundation your acceptance by giving examples. 7. A creator would enjoy to mete the effects of the colour of the fruit lot (red vs. cerulean vs. ebon) on the sales. Would you guide the creator to use ethnography, accidental techniques or experimentation? Clear-up your exquisite.