Topic:  Common Data Pitfalls

Analyzing data without planning or preparation is a bit like trying to build a car by getting some steel, glass, plastic, and rubber, and trying to put them together. Without first understanding, planning, and preparing, the manufacturing is likely to be a failure. Analytics are much the same—before you analyze, you must understand the data, plan your approach, and prepare the data set.

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To complete this discussion board, do the following:

1. Research and discuss some common pitfalls and problems that befall data analysts

2. Select one specific impediment to quality data analytics and research it thoroughly. 

3. Find at least two examples of real-life trouble that has resulted from the pitfall you have chosen. Summarize these for the class and cite the sources of information for them.

4. Explain why the chosen pitfall may lead to problems during the analytical phase of a project.

5. Recommend how such problems might be avoided. 

6. Read and respond to at least two of your peers’ contributions, focusing on discussing how to identify and avoid data problems that might upset data analysis.


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