Discussion Boards – Each Discussion 300 words or more

Discussion Boards

DB 2.1 

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Discussion Boards – Each Discussion 300 words or more
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Look up ethical issues during research and briefly discuss your findings. Please include the following:

· What are some of the ethical issues that may occur during your research?

· Why would that have any bearing on your research and obtaining the end result?

· What considerations did you encounter in your planning?

· Did you determine what data you would be using, is it qualitative or quantitative? What is the difference?

DB 1: Methodologies

· What are the general strengths and limitations of the following research methodologies in studying white collar crime?

•           case studies

•           laboratory experiments

•           field experiments

•           natural experiments

•           surveys

•           observational research

•           secondary data analysis

•           event history analysis

•           archival data analysis

•           historical ethnography

•           content analysis

DB2: Corporate Abuse

How should corporate abuse of power, fraud, and economic exploitation be punished?  What are some ways in which it might be prevented, or detected more easily? 


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