Discussion board week 3


Human resources (HR) departments in virtually all organizations generate no revenue but have many important duties and responsibilities. Selecting and retaining the right employees are critical activities for building a strong organization. Recruitment of new employees is an ongoing need for most organizations. Employees receive salary and benefits. The need for training, whether initial, ongoing, routine, or designed to meet special needs, rarely ceases. HR usually coordinates the delivery of all such organizational services. In addition, federal legislation has imposed many requirements for keeping records. These are often delegated to HR.

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Discussion board week 3
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Problem employees and employees with problems are not the same. However, both require a disproportionate amount of a manager’s time. Successful managers learn to recognize both types of employees. They also know the options provided by their organizations. Individuals with problems often benefit from the services of an Employee Assistance Program, whereas problem employees may require progressive discipline.

  • Why is the influence of the HR department often overlooked and disregarded by those inside and outside of an organization?
  • What do you believe are the most important responsibilities of the HR department?
  • What type of qualities and characteristics would make an individual a good fit to work within an organization’s HR department?

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