Answer the discussion and at least 2 references.

One healthcare technology trend in my organization is the increasing use of portable electronics to assist staff. Many portable electronic devices have become more prevalent since the covid-19 pandemic began. Tele-health virtual visits, monitors where physicians can video chat with inpatients in another unit or even another hospital, and portable nursing phones for charting and more. These are some of the technologies being implemented in my healthcare organization.

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There are many potential risks for these types of technology. Some of which include privacy breaches and cost to the system. With more protected healthcare information (PHI) on internet-connected and portable devices, there stands a greater risk of breaches in patient privacy. Cohen (2019) warns that with increasing in healthcare systems being connected with data and patient information it is ever more important to protect patients’ privacy. Another potential challenge for technological advancement is the cost to the system. New devices need to be purchased, training, support, ancillary systems, and upkeep all cost money. The value of these implementations needs to be apparent to healthcare system administrators to be able to continue to advance healthcare informatics.

The risk and benefit associated with safety, legislation, and patient care is one and the same: patient privacy. With the technological boom there comes a great opportunity to improve patient privacy in many ways. Telehealth and similar technologies can accommodate patients in ways previously unable. Encryption methods such as multiparty homomorphic encryption as described by Scheibner et al. (2021), increase the privacy of shared PHI beyond what paper charting could have ever achieved. However, with portable devices able to take and share pictures and locations, and store personal data, there is always the concern of a breach of privacy for the patient.

I believe the trend of big data collection, synthesis, and analysis are the trends that will be most impactful for healthcare technology and nursing practice.


Big data analytics could shape healthcare in major ways. As previously discussed, it can improve clinical decision making, improve patient outcomes and improve medical research.

Big data analytics will improve patient care outcomes, efficiencies, and data management. Patient outcomes will improve with faster implementation of evidence-based practice and improved clinical decision-making. Big data analytics will also improve the efficiency of healthcare by tracking trends in data and care to expedite care and recovery. Data management will greatly improve by necessity. The amount of data management, analysis, storage, and synthesis will require excessive amounts of data management skills, software, and hardware.



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