What is evidence-based practice and why is it important?

The discussion posts are assigned to encourage reflection, critical thinking, engagement and interaction within the course. There will be two discussion post to participate in. The initial reply should be 200 words and should include at least one peer-reviewed journal article reference and should reflect a good understanding and considerable thought on the assigned readings and topic. please follow the rubric. 

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Participate in the following discussion:

Differentiate and discuss the difference between research, evidence-based practice and improvement processes. Discuss the role each plays in the nursing profession and provide an example of each. 



Grading Rubric for Discussion Board Assignments


Possible Points


Points Earned

Initial Post

Discussion demonstrates comprehension of weekly course material evidenced by responses that are insightful, analytical and promote an engaging classroom environment.


Peer Responses

Gave thoughtful commentary and asked appropriate questions on at least two posts by other students.



Initial posting is made within designated time frames each week.

The post was made at least 24 hours prior to the deadline to allow other students to view/comment.

Quality (APA, Spelling, Grammar)

Grammar and spelling are correct with no more than 3 errors. Information from sources other than the course textbook are cited and referenced in APA format. APA formats are correct with no more than 3 errors.




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