Scenario: Dave is part of the research department team of a medical equipment organization. In developing new products for the organization, he has experienced challenges in dealing with the sales department. The research team is concerned that the organization rushes to market with a project before they have ensured the quality of the product. The sales department feels that the research department is too conservative, and they also believe that in order to compete, they must be first to market among their competitors.

Do you agree with this explanation on how this could be used as a leadership strategy with boundary spanning practices?

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In the scenario, both departments have a responsibility to meet the requirements and assignments given to achieve success. The research department is concerned with the quality of the equipment that consumers will receive — Ultimately, preventing future lawsuit for faulty equipment.
However, the sales department is concerned about profit and getting the equipment to consumers.
Leadership responsibility is to help groups work across, around, and through boundaries to become productive within the organization( Ernst,2011). Management Being the buffer when both groups seem to feel their area of responsibility is invaded. Defining the area of responsibility beginning and end will help set boundaries. Each group is talented and needs each other to reach the level of task completed that expected.
Learning about the responsibilities and process of the research department would help the sales department understand the need to have confidence that the product is ready to release. Reflecting will help each group understand and respect the responsibility and duties of each other.
When a relationship is established, an atmosphere of collaboration and not division will exist. Communicating, trusting coming together as a unit rather than two separate departments, these are keys points to eliminate the current power conflict between the two departments.


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