Digital Forensics Tools & Tech


Check this website out which lists several open source tools for recovering deleted data:

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Digital Forensics Tools & Tech
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Are you able to test several of these tools out and let me know which one you like and why? Please be specific because simply installing the tool and “pretending” to run it will not get you points. I would like to see some sort of detailed analysis. SPECIFICS! 

For example here are some tips:

1. If you have a USB drive – please delete data from the USB device. Then download some tools. If you point those tools to the USB device – can you recover the deleted data? 

2. Depending on how some tools are configured – can you point them to your C: drive and see what data you are able to recover? 

If I feel you made your best efforts and got the tool(s) working as well as giving me a detailed analysis you will get TEN  points! 


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